What Is Roomba Error 14? Fixes And Causes

Here’s about what is Roomba Error 14. PKB News will provide you with simple steps and comprehensive details to help you understand what Roomba 14 is and how to address it. Error-14 on a Roomba robot vacuum means that the machine is not detecting an installed bin. You need to either ensure it is installed correctly, clean the Roobma of dust and grime, try restarting or resetting the device, or you may need to replace the dust bin. In this article, we are going to find out not only exactly what the error-14 message means on a Roomba vacuum but also the 4 ways to easily fix the problems right now so you can get back to enjoying hands-off cleaning in no time.

Roomba Error 14

What Is Roomba Error 14? Fixes And Causes

No matter, which Roomba vacuum you have, and there are quite a few models, the error-14 or error 1-4 message always means the same thing: the dust bin needs installing, cleaning, or replacing. Roomba suggests that you should be removing the bin and clean it after every use, especially if you have pets as their hair can certainly clog up the bin quickly. If you are not cleaning your bin consistently, or you do not replace it correctly after servicing, it’s likely that you will receive the error-14 message. But, luckily, there are some ways by which you can fix the issue.

  • Ensure The Bin Is Installed Correctly

One of the most common problems Roomba users encounter is that the bin was simply not replaced correctly after the last time it was cleaned.  If you see an error-14 message, first try to remove the bin and reinstall it to ensure it’s inserted correctly.

  • Clean The Roomba

It may also be that you simply did not clean the dustbin or didn’t clean it correctly, which is why you are seeing the error-14 message.  Roomba recommends whipping the bin with either a damp cloth or magic eraser after each and every use to ensure all the little bits of dust and hair are removed.  While not all of us clean the dustbin after every time the Roomba makes a sweep of the house, it is important to clean it thoroughly if you have received the error-14 message as that could solve the problem in just a few minutes. Once the bin is properly cleaned and installed properly, the device should function normally.

  • Restart The Roomba

If you’re still seeing the error-14 message, you should restart the machine. Although it may seem silly, usually, unplugging and then plugging a device back in solves most problems. Keep the Roomba unplugged from the wall and the vacuum powered off for a few minutes before turning it back on.

  • Replace The Dust Bin

If none of these easy fixes did the job, unfortunately, you may need to actually replace the dust bin.  Whether you have had the Roomba for a long time, or it simply sees a lot of use around your home, the dust bin might be overworked, and cleaning it just won’t cut it anymore. Before you sell out for a new dust bin, you should reach out to Roomba as they might replace it for you if the vacuum is still under the one-year warranty the company provided.

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Concluding the article, if you have an iRobot vacuum, you probably already know all the wonderful features the device has to offer. But now you know not only what the message means, but you also understand how to fix it. Just remember, you should first ensure that the bin is installed correctly, then make sure it is clean, try restarting the device.  If all else fails, you may need to purchase a new bin for your Roomba.

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