Where Is Megyn Kelly Going For New Job? After Leaving Fox News

In recent news. it was speculated that Megyn Kelly is all set to leave the Fox News. People are wondering what could be the reason for her backing off. If you are one of those who are interested to know the about the same, then this article is for you. Continue reading the same for more details and follow us around for all the insights. Here’s what the renowned personality claimed about Tucker Carlson’s exit from Fox News. Megyn Kelly is known as a renowned journalist in the American industry. The Illinois native works at Sirius XM and hosts a talk show and podcast. Recently, Kelly has made multiple headlines as she spoke about Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News and Don Lemons’s exit from CNN. On her Monday show, 52-year-old Megyn Kelly said that Fox News has made a disgusting move by parting with Tucker. Furthermore, she added that it is a great thing for Carlson.

Megyn Kelly

Where Is Megyn Kelly Going For a New Job?

Here’s where Megyn Kelly leaving, reportedly she’s not going anywhere but she ended her thirteen years of journey with Fox News in January 2017. The Illinois-born host worked with Fox News between 2004 to 2017 as a talk show host. Seemingly. there has been some misunderstanding. Currently, Kelly has been making headlines because she spoke about Tucker Carlson’s exit from the network, not because of her departure from the network. While speaking about cable news, Megyn assumed that Tucker would launch a podcast or digital show.

Megyn Kelly

Furthermore, the well-accomplished television personality hosted a popular 9 pm show on the network. Instead of having her contract renewed, she moved to NBC. She also hosted a talk show on weekday mornings and a short-lived Sunday night program on cable news. However, after suffering from poor viewership and controversy, including her remark regarding blackface on a show in October 2018. The established journalist departed from NBC in January 2019 with a payout of $69 million. As mentioned earlier, currently Kelly hosted a podcast and a radio show on SiriusXM. Kelly received assistance from Red Seat Ventures in her transition to digital media.

Megyn Kelly

Here’s the reason for Kelly Megyn’s exit from Fox News. During her appearance on The Ellen Show in September 2017, Megyn Kelly revealed her reason for leaving Fox News. The well-known television personality claimed that she left the well-known cable news because of Donald Trump and the snake pit that is primetime news. On elaborating further, she had never been into politics before joining the network’s primetime slot, Kelly stated that the former US president has a way of clarifying one’s life choices. Kelly said that Donald Trump’s controversial tweet about her was just a confirmation and justification that she did not want to live in the toxic environment of cable news environment.

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