Who Is Raoul Moat’s Daughter Katelaine Fitzpatrick? Siblings And Family

A name is currently trending on social media and that is Raoul Moat and his daughter. Social media users are currently talking about Katelaine Fitzpatrick. People want to know who is she and other details of his personal life. She is the daughter of Raoul Moat and she came into the news after an ITV drama has been released. But before talking about his daughter, let’s get to know about him. Raoul Moat was a bouncer, panel beater, and tree surgeon. He hails from Newcastle upon Tyne. He has a violent history of shooting 3 people within a day.

Raoul Moat

Who Is Raoul Moat’s Daughter Katelaine Fitzpatrick?

Apart from it, shortly prior to the incident, he had been serving an 18-week prison conviction at HMP Durham for assaulting a 9-year-old family member. He got released from jail in 2010 but instead of taking lessons from his crime, he again moved towards the next crime. He was in a rage and then he decide to target his former partner Samantha Stobbart, her new partner named Christopher Brown, and PC David Rathband. He shot the duo leaving Samantha with serious wounds and assassinating Christopher. Now an ITV drama is ready to show the horrifying tale of the suspect who took the lives of 3 people in his rage.

Raoul Moat

Apart from it, people are looking to know about his daughter. He is the father of Katelaine Fitzpatrick. His daughter was just 11 years old when he went on the rampage. It’s been a quite long time since the incident happened but now finally she talked about this matter and opened up about how she fears her mental health problems could be hereditary. She still remains scared by the demise of her father. She was whisked to the safe house where she watched the chilling sing of her father play over and over on TV. She talked about the incident with the media reports in which she states that she would not assassinate anyone, but she worries that her mental health could escalate like her father.

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Raoul Moat

Because of the actions of her father, she also faced a lot of humiliation and insults in her school and students even bully her. Students used to call her “Moaty”. In further addition to this, she is not happy about the ITV drama who is covering the entire episode on the crime of her father. She states that this episode will bring back all the dark memories again. However, there are many people who are keenly waiting to watch this drama. Some are sending their kind words to her and saying that whatever has happened, she is not responsible for that as her father himself chose this path that only brought destruction.

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