Where Is Kerstin Lindquist Going After Leaving QVC? Salary and New Job

In this article, we are going to learn where is Kerstin Lindquist going after leaving QVC. A rumor is circulating that the QVC host is now leaving her job. This news has given a big shock to the entrainment industry. A lot of people are currently interested in learning about it. So this rumor is true. She left her job at QVC in 2023. But after a lot of time, people are now asking where she is. What is Kerstin Lindquist’s new job and salary? To know everything read this article till the end.

Kerstin Lindquist
Kerstin Lindquist (Image Source: Instagram/@kerstin.lindquist)

Where Is Kerstin Lindquist Going After Leaving QVC?

According to the source, Kerstin Lindquist left QVC in 2023. She is a cherished personality in the world of media and television. She is mostly known as the host of QVC. She has stepped back from her vibrant role on television. She has taken this decision after working for around twenty years., She made some personal connections with more than 150 million viewers. He has now embarked on a new chapter in her life.

Last year, Kerstin Lindquist took a three-month hiatus from QVC as she participated in missionary work with her family in Baja California. It demonstrated her unwavering commitment to service and faith. Her journey is not just about her time on television but it is also a big testament to her multifaceted career and passion for wellness and helping other people.

Kerstin Lindquist has continued to influence and inspire as an IIN and board-certified health coach, Chief Wellness officer, and a contributor to several publications. Her official authorship to books on wellness and faith and also on her successful devotion journal and Bible is set with Zondervan. It showcases her great dedication to spiritual and physical health.

Kerstin Lindquist is an Emmy award-winning journalist. She has made her mark with a lifestyle brand that resonated with a lot of people who are driven by her personal experiences and a message of hope. There are several 4expectaions about her future with QVC, but it has been understood that her journey is guided by a big purpose which has reflected her belief that her achievements are manifested through her faith at work.

Kerstin Lindquist and her family enjoy exploring sunny locales filled with sand, water, and joy. It is not known which step she is going to take in the future. It is not known where is she going to work. She has not shared any information about her upcoming work.

Kerstin Lindquist
Kerstin Lindquist (Image Source: Instagram/@kerstin.lindquist)

Kerstin Lindquist’s New Job And Salary

We all mostly knew Kerstin Lindquist because of her work with QVC, but now we have to know that she parted ways with QVC. A lot of people are interested in learning about Kerstin Lindquist’s new job and also about her salary. So, unfortunately, there is no information available about her new job because till now she has not officially revealed it. We are not going to make any assumptions about her new job.

Sadly the information about Kerstin Lindquist’s salary is also not available because she has kept this information private. Generally, nobody tells anybody about their salary. She has been working as a program host at QVC since October 2011. This journey has not officially ended.

Till now it is not known where is Kerstin Lindquist going after leaving QVC. She is currently on a big break and enjoying this time with her family. we hope that she soon gives the information about her upcoming projects. She might reveal soon where is she going to work now. So wait for some more time till she gives the official statement about her new job.

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