Puneet Superstar’s Instagram Ban or Disabled, Twitterati Raise Concerns Over the Internet Celebrity’s Account Deactivation

A huge blow to the social media sensation Puneet Superstar and his fans, as Puneet’s official Instagram handle with over 3 million followers has been suspended. Yes, you heard it right, Puneet Superstar’s IG account is disabled. Fans are not able to find the account. Meanwhile, a stir has occurred due to Lord Puneet’s Instagram account suspend. Innumerable people have taken to their social media accounts and shared screenshots of Puneet Superstar’s disabled IG account. It seems that Twitterati did not like Lord Puneet’s account suspension, as they are showing their anger on Twitter and demanding the recovery of his IG account as soon as possible. Kindly swipe down the page and read how netizens are reacting to this news.

Lord Puneet Superstar

Puneet Superstar’s Instagram Ban or Disabled

In fact, some groups on social media are also threatening the officials of Instagram to give a huge blow to the platform if Puneet Kumar’s Instagram account will not be recovered. Many also shared their concerns over the internet celebrity’s social media handle as they are not able to find it. Puneet Kumar who is widely known as Puneet Superstar or Lord Puneet, surged to fame and prominence with his weird videos of boisterously shouting while driving a bike as a pillion. Continue reading this article and read tweets shared by his fans after coming across the news that Puneet Superstar’s Instagram account has been taken down.

Immortal_12 wrote, “Is it that true Internet celebrity Puneet Superstar’s Instagram ID has been taken down or suspended?” Another wrote, “Ayo what happened to Puneet Superstar’s Insta account.” Some of Puneet Kumar’s fans are blaming MC Stan for Puneet’s Insta account removal. They are claiming that MC Stan’s fans reported for Puneet’s account in a large number. Raja Chakrawarti posted, “Puneet Super Star Ka Instagram Account Delete Ho Gya Hai, MC Stan Ke Fans Ne Bahut Report Kiya Hai Isiliye” Continue reading this article and learn more details.

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However, it is not confirmed whether the moderators of Instagram took down Puneet Superstar’s account due to reports filed by someone or if they detected a policy violation on his profile. It is also possible that Puneet Superstar’s activities that he shows in his videos, might be violating the platform’s policy. When Puneet Kumar entered the Bigg Boss house, he was eliminated from the show within 24 hours, at that time the reason was his activities which were not acceptable to anyone in the house and Bigg Boss as well.

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