Is Potter Payper Arrested Again? UK Rapper Potter Payper Arrested At Airport

Jamel Bousbaa, born on November 15, 1990, known professionally as Potter Payper, is a British rapper and songwriter from Barking, London. In 2021, he signed with the UK division of Def Jam Recordings. In 2022, Gangsteritus recorded with Tiggs Da Author became his first UK Top 40 single after its use in Top Boy. Potter Payper was born to an Irish mother and an Algerian father. He grew up on the Gascoigne Estate in Barking, London being raised by his grandmother. On August 13, 2015, Potter Payper was arrested during the execution of a warrant at an address in Clacton, following an investigation into the Frankie County drug line, which resulted in charges of one count of possession with intent to supply a class drug and one count of conspiring to supply a class. He was jailed for five years and four months. He was released in June 2020.

Potter Payper Arrested

Is Potter Payper Arrested Again?

Reportedly, he was released from prison in June after being sentenced to five years for running a county lines drug smuggling operation from London to Clacton, Essex in March 2018, the Barking and Dagenham Post reports. As fury erupted over the BBC Proms decision, the rapper posted a snap of himself smoking outside New broadcasting house on Thursday, suggesting he could be working on future events at the corporation. On the week they’ve had the Beeb try and stop Brits from the singing of Last Night of the Proms and Rule Britannia over fears of its links to the British Empire. Boris Johnson blasted the decision, demanding the nation stop its culture of wetness.

Bousbaa, a 29-year-old was jailed in March 2018 for five years and four months for running a so-called ‘county lines’ drug-dealing operation. It is known as the ‘Frankie line’, it exported class A drugs from London via a network of dealers and sold them to addicts in the seaside town of Clacton in Essex. He ran the operation with Redean Richards-Neville, 23, from Dagenham in East London, who was caged for three years and four months.

Potter Payper Arrested Potter Payper Arrested

Although, the rapper is planning to relaunch his career after his release from jail and is now looking to top the charts with a new album set to be released next month. He made numerous appearances on BBC Radio in 2014 before his stint in prison, including on the Charlie Sloth show. Prior to being locked up, he had already built a career as a drill rapper and clocked up millions of views on Youtube. In his latest track, posted on the YouTube channel GRM Daily, he is seen giving smoke and gun gestures as he raps about his lifestyle. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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