Who is Crooked House Pub owner Carly Taylor?

The public has recently been using the internet to research the Crooked House pub’s owner. They all want to know who owns the mansion, but they also want to hear the latest news about it because it’s making the rounds online. We will therefore provide information about the residence and its owner in this article. Not only that, but we’ll also share information regarding current viral stories about this house as they spread over the internet. To learn more, read the rest of the article.

Crooked House Pub owner Carly Taylor

Who is Crooked House Pub owner Carly Taylor?

The renowned Crooked House bar in South Staffordshire, England, is owned by CARLY TAYLOR. In August 2023, the structure that had formerly been touted as “Britain’s wonkiest pub” tragically burned down. The proprietor of the Crooked House bar is Carly Taylor. She is a director of ATE Farms Ltd, a business that acquired the bar in July 2023. The Guardian claims that Taylor serves as a director of numerous additional businesses. Adam, her spouse, is a former director and shareholder of Himley Environmental Ltd. The business maintains a landfill facility near the bar Crooked House.

Crooked House Pub owner Carly Taylor

After a fire overnight, the Crooked House bar was destroyed. The fire broke out on August 5, 2023, at about 10 p.m., only a few days after Marston’s Brewery sold the pub to ATE Farms Ltd. The structure was empty when it caught fire, according to the police, but firefighters have described how they were unable to reach the flames due to a dirt pile that was ‘blocking’ the road. Less than 36 hours after the fire, on August 7, the 18th-century bar was destroyed. Police have confirmed that they will be “speaking to the owners” as part of a joint inquiry with the fire department and South Staffordshire district council.

Crooked House Pub owner Carly Taylor Crooked House Pub owner Carly Taylor Crooked House Pub owner Carly Taylor Crooked House Pub owner Carly Taylor

Police are looking into what started the fire, while South Staffordshire Council’s solicitors are investigating the pub’s destruction and any possible violations of the Town and Planning Act. After the fire, the former landowner of The Crooked House issued a statement. On Facebook, they stated: “So after 10 months of hard work, very long hours, and constant obstacles it’s quite annoying to see your place of business end up like this. “One of the best structures, the oldest bar, and a piece of history are all gone. In a statement, Staffordshire Police stated that they are “appealing for information” in the wake of the fire. No one was thought to be inside the structure, and no injuries were recorded, they stated. To determine the cause of the incident, we are currently collaborating with fire investigators.

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