Police Incident M55 Today: Milk Tanker Over Turns Leading To 2 Being Hospitalized

A milk tanker flipped on M6. This has led to roadblocks and delays for motorcyclists. You will get complete details about the incident in this article. keep reading for more information.


What Happened on Police Incident M55 Today?

The Milk Tanker on M6 is said to be flipped. This led to traffic jams on M6. The traffic jam was caused n J32/M55. Broughton Interchange and J31 Salmesburry. There have been emergency services in the place. The traffic has been sent back from the other roads. The drivers are advised to follow another path. According to a website, Inrix, that monitors traffic, both ways of the road are blocked. The traffic that has been stuck there will be turned around to exit J31. Lancashire Police is taking care of the scenario.

Has The Traffic From M6 Replaced?

The traffic from M6 has faced delays of 60 minutes on their journey. The incident took place at M6 southbound in Lancashire between J33 and J32. The restrictions on the road are tried to be cleared. currently, The M6 J3a and J31 entry slips and the like road from the M55 eastbound to M6 J32 southbound are closed. Apart from it, M55 eastbound is also closed. There will be delays in going from these routes. There has not been any clarification on how long can it take to clear the situation back to normal.

M55 Affected By The Traffic:

M55 is also affected by traffic. The cars that are taken back from the place of effect are now moving to M55 due to which the road is blocked too. There has been a milk spread of around 20,000 liters. The tanker actually collided with the central reservation and entered the southbound carriageway before turning onto the side. In this incident, two people, a man and a woman have been admitted to the hospital. The man was the driver and the woman was the passenger. There has not been much information about the man and woman’s current condition. There have been liters of milk on the roads traveling here and there. We will update you as soon as we get more details about the man and the woman’s current condition. We advise you to choose other routes for better convenience. This was all about the milk tanker overturning and the after-results. We keep bringing such details on our website about the current updates. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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