Police Arrested Man, Who Sent Threatening Email To School In Leeds And Bradford

In a recent disturbing turn of events, it was reported that police allegedly arrested a man over threats to schools in Leeds and Bradford. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the case. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates.

Who Sent Threatening Email To School In Leeds And Bradford

Man Arrested For Threatening Email To School

However, the cause of making the arrest was that malicious email forces were circulating Leeds schools into lockdown. Reportedly, the police have made an arrest after a series of malicious emails that were threatening violence to children and staff were sent to a number of schools in Leeds. Reportedly, the nature of the emails has not been disclosed and one primary school head teacher told parents that they were treating the threats as credible and kids were being kept indoors all day long. On investigation, West Yorkshire police announced that they were looking into the case. Moreover, in a statement passed by the police force, the officers have commenced an investigation into a potential malicious communications offense and have now made an arrest warrant in connection with the matter.

However, they added that some reports suggest that the force has not issued guidance in schools to lockdown and has not stated that threats are credible. However, a text message was sent to parents at Sharp Lane Primary earlier today which explained that the school will remain closed. Furthermore, no information regarding the threat at this time is issued and the school has not received a direct threat and the children and staff are safe. According to sources, the other schools in the same region are believed to be affected which include Richmond Hill Academy, Ruth Gorsee Academy, Sharp Lane Primary School, Windmill Primary School, and Beeston Primary School. However, it was revealed that the schools are expected to continue as normal from tomorrow onwards.

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In a Facebook post, Gildersome Primary School reassured this afternoon that parents were not in lockdown but the staff were being extra vigilant following the threats. The authorities said that there was no threat to our sites and they were just being extra cautious as advised by the local authority. However, they continued and said that the police and officers provided reassurance and safety advice to the schools that were being affected. Meanwhile, they are aware that a number of schools in that particular region including the Bradford district have received an email today which is being looked after and investigated by the police. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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