Who Is Pawan Khera Wife Kota Neelima? Congress leader arrested at Delhi airport

The arrest news of a Congress leader brought him into a controversy. People are looking forward to this news and want to know what crime he has committed that landed him in jail. Though the arrest news of a politician is not shocking news still people show their interest in such news, as the development and the administration of the country are in the hands of politicians. However, most politicians are corrupt and only think about their personal growth rather than the growth of their country but we can’t categorize all politicians in the same boat.

Pawan Khera Wife Kota Neelima

Why was Pawan Khera Arrested?

Anyways talking about this case, the politician who has recently been jailed is identified as the Congress leader, Pawan Khera. People want to know what crime he has committed and if is he still behind the bars. There are many other people who are finding for the details of the wife of the politician. Through this blog, we are trying to cover all the details of this case and all other details which our readers want to know but before talking about his wife it is important to know what case has been placed on him. To know that, you need to keep on reading this blog.

Pawan Khera Wife Kota Neelima

According to the reports, On Thursday, 23rd February 2023, the Supreme Court of India ordered the court in Dwarka to grant interim bail to Pawan Khera. The senior Congress leader had been detained on Wednesday, 22nd February 2023 by the Assam Police. He has been arrested at the Delhi airport after an FIR was registered against him. The reports state that he was detained in the link of an FIR for making derogatory remarks against the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Singh Modi during a press conference. The direction of the Supreme Court for interim bail has been granted which means the senior Congress leader will be released from police custody for now, pending further legal proceedings.

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Pawan Khera Wife Kota Neelima

Who Is The Wife Of Pawan Khera?

Dr. Kota Neelima is the wife of Pawan Khera. The Congress leader has not shared many details of his family, though just like her husband, the wife of Pawan is also linked to politics. As of now, no other details about his wife is not known but we are trying to find them and as soon as we get them we will update here. Khera is a significant leader of the Indian National Congress party and obtained many positions in the party. He has usually watched many television news debates and other public forums in order to present the views of the party on many issues. Though his recent remark has offended many people and he faced backlash and criticism on Twitter. According to the report, the senior Congress Leader made a tweet on Friday, 17th February 2023 that “I genuinely got confused whether it is Damodardas or Gautam Das…”

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