Who Is Anjungi Lam? Racist man harassing woman on subway, face backlash

A man identified as Anjungi Lam is receiving a huge backlash and feeling the heat of criticism on social media following an incident that happened on a train. The matter is drawing attention in the realm of Twitter as the video has taken over Twitter by storm. Reports have suggested that the video shows racial slurs being used by a man on two black women. This is why the man who used racial slurs for black women on a train is receiving backlash from the audience. They have been left curious to watch the video. If you are also scrambling to watch the viral video of Anjungi Lam, this column is for you. Stick with this page and must go through the column till the end. Swipe down the page.

Anjungi Lam

Who Is Anjungi Lam?

The viral video of Anjungi Lam shows him racially harassing and assaulting two women on a train. Reportedly, passengers on the train recorded the incident and posted it on social media. It was initially posted on TikTok where a user with the username @dilamondheartt posted the video of the incident on Sunday, June 18, 2023, at around 6:09 pm. Within a short period, the video has attained immense views and impressions on Twitter. A creator on TikTok asked people to do their thing implying that she wanted them to find the guy. Continue reading this article and learn more details.

On June 23, 2023, Thursday, a person with the username @LuckyovLegends on Twitter uploaded the video. Now it is trending on Twitter. A popular figure on social media, @TizzyEnt also shared the video to make people aware of the incident. He also conducted his own research to identify the racist man who harassed two women. Tizzy Ent also known as R. Michael McWhorter also shared the information about the racist man in a video shared on Twitter on Friday, June 24, 2023. Drag down the screen and read more details.

Later the man was identified as Anjungi Lam who is a resident of Croydon, South London. Sources stated that the Croydon, South London resident also has a history of committing hate crimes. In 2017, he used slurs for a gay couple therefore he spent two years in jail. But once again a video of him surfaced on the internet. Netizens slammed Anjungi Lam for using racial words for the two black women on a train. He also allegedly assaulted one of the two women physically. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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