Leah Weckert Husband: Is CEO of Coles Supermarkets Married?

In this article, we are going to learn about Leah Weckert’s husband. First, do you know who is Leah Weckert, she is one of the the most popular people in the world of business. She is the CEO of Coles Group since last year. Her name is currently trending on social media as a lot of people are interested in learning about her marriage life. People are interested to learn who she is married to. And people are also interested to learn about her two kids. So in this article, you are going to see all the information about her and her family which you should read now.

Leah Weckert Husband
Leah Weckert is from Australia and is based in Melbourne, Victoria. ( Source: The Australian )

Who Is Leah Weckert’s Husband?

Leah Weckert is a married woman. A lot of people on social media are currently searching for the details of her husband. But unfortunately, Weckert is a private person and she has not shared the details of her husband. That is why the name of her husband has not been disclosed yet. But yes, it has been claimed that she has been married to her husband for a very long time and they are living a happy married life at this time. Continue reading.

Leah Weckert Husband
Leah Weckert is the CEO of Coles Group, and she also served in other companies in the past. ( Source: 9News )

Leah Weckert does not have much active presence online which is why even there is not any picture of her with her husband. It has made it more challenging to learn about Leah Weckert’s marriage life. It has been claimed that she is blessed with two children with her husband. But the names of her children are also not available yet. Look down to the next paragraph of this article to learn about Leah Weckert’s Wikipedia and some more details now.

Leah Weckert Husband
Leah Weckert is married to her husband, with whom she shares two children. ( Source: The Guardian )

Leah Weckert is a well-known personality in the world of business. She is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director of Coles Group. She sits in this position on 1st May 2023. She became the part of Coles Group in 2011 and she served in several, senior roles in the company. According to the source, before heading for the seat of CEO, she served as the Chief Executive of Commerical and Express, as she used to guide the supermarket business units and the Coles Express business. Continue reading.

Leah Weckert has also served as the chief financial officer and she has played a lead role in the merger from Wesdarmers in 2018. She has also worked as the Director of Strategy, Director of People & Culture, State General Manager of Victoria Operations, and General Manager of Merchandise, Strategy, and Innovation. Now it’s time to learn about some details of Leah Weckert’s personal life, which you can learn in the next paragraph.

Leah Weckert Husband
Coles Group CEO Leah Weckert ( Source: The Guardian )

A lot of people on the web are currently searching about Leah Weckert’s age. So the details of her official age are not disclosed yet. However, some sources have claimed that the CEO of CXoles Group is currently in her 40s. This is not confirmed yet, this is just a speculation. She was born to her parents in Australia, reports suggest that she is currently based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Leah Weckert has attended the University of Adelaide and she has completed her BSc and BEng degrees. She has also completed her MBA degree from the Havard Business School. She is currently serving at Coles Group, where she has been working for the last two decades. Before that, she worked at McKinsey & Company where she advised big private and public sector clients and at Foster Groups.

The details of Leah Weckert’s husband and children have remained private. The couple live a happy married life in Australia. Unfortunately, the details have not been disclosed yet and it is because Weckert is a very private person and she does not love to share the details of her family.

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