Who was Nermin Sulejmanovic ex-wife Nizama Hećimović?

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Nermin Sulejmanovic

Who was Nermin Sulejmanovic Ex-Wife Nizama Hećimović?

Currently, the entire internet is ablaze with several discussions about Nermin Sulejmanovic’s ex-wife as shockingly the Bosnian bodybuilder has ended her life fatally on a public livestream. In a recent horrifying turn of events, a bodybuilder named Nermin S. live-streamed the murder of his ex-wife, Nizama Hecimovic on his Instagram handle. This horrible act was witnessed by approx 12,000 viewers before he moved forward to kill two more people. Unfortunately, this fatal accident took place in the Bosnian town of Gradacac. Reportedly, the attacker killed three people and injured three others and then committed suicide prior to being caught by Tuzla Police. However, in the disturbing video clip, he casually addressed his followers, by stating that they would be witnessing an execution.

As per the video, the victim woman was subject to blood and disfigure to further violence with the child crying being audible in the background. As mentioned earlier, the horrific scene was witnessed by about 12,000 people and although the graphic video has been reposted on a Twitter handle it is eventually distressing to share openly in a public presence. Knowingly, Nizama Sulejmanovic was the unfortunate woman and ex-wife of Nermin Sulejmanovic who was murdered by him. Moreover, Mermin claimed to be the child’s father and accused his ex-wife of keeping their child away from him for over a week while also reporting him for domestic violence. Afterward, he then seized a pistol from a table and fatally shot her in the forehead.

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In the video, the camera precisely focused on a child on the floor, as Nizama urged and pleaded with someone to save the child before her husband proceeded with further terrible actions. The bodybuilder or the fitness instructor recorded two lives videos admitting to killing two more people, a man, and his young son while being chased by the police. Amidst the chaos, he informed his followers that he had fired at a policeman who managed to escape which lead to an emergency declaration. Being a bodybuilding and fitness coach, his history was filled with encounters with law enforcement which included arrests for drug smuggling. He lived in Gradacac, which is a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina with his family. Reportedly, at the age of 35, he took his own life and left the community in a complete state of shock. However, details regarding his kids and family are not revealed.

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