Verona Arrestati 5 Poliziotti, arrested for torture and beatings at the police station

This is to inform you that five officers of Verona State Police have been arrested as they are accused of torture at the police headquarters. The people who were tortured by the arrested police officers of Verona State Police were foreigners or homeless people. As per the investigation, the officers kicked, punched, and humiliated the homeless people and foreigners in the custody of police officers. Meanwhile, the Verona Flying Squad conducted a sting operation and started an undercover operation which last for eight months. Finally, the five police officers are now in police custody and subject to be further investigated. Since this news broke out it has been causing a stir among the citizens of Verona. However, we have discussed this news in detail in the following sections. Take a peek below and gather more information about it.

Verona Arrestati 5 Poliziotti

Verona Arrestati 5 Poliziotti

The colleague of the Verona Police Officers who are subject to police investigation for allegedly kicking, punching, and humiliating foreigner and homeless people, handcuffed their fellow officers. The arrested police officers of Verona State Police were handed over the precautionary order of house arrest. Yes, the five police handcuffed officers of Verona State Police, have been laid on house arrest and subject to further investigation. Swipe down the page and read more details.

The investigators probed and look into the matter for 8 months. Reportedly, the Verona Flying Squad used the technical requirements during the investigation. They are also accused of assault with the intention of causing grieving bodily harm and damage to the dignity of the persons. According to the source, the investigation into violence at the police headquarter started because of another investigation in which a person boasted of having been put in his place, and a person was arrested for slapping him two times. Shift to the next section and read more details.

A police officer of Verona State slapped a person who was among the arrested. “Vigorous as to make him lose consciousness for a few minutes”. “Shut up, otherwise I’ll go inside and see what I’ll do to you”, In another case, a police officer used pepper spray. He said,  “I’ll spray you in the c … o”, to threaten the arrested inspector in front of his colleagues. “The abuses, harassments, and abuses carried out by the suspects appear to have involved, to an almost exclusive extent, writes the investigating judge, Livia Magri, subjects of foreign nationality, homeless, or suffering from serious addictions to alcohol or drugs, therefore particularly ‘weak’ subjects”.

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