Dr Naci Görür Istanbul Depremi Important statement!

There are so many tough situations in which the world is struggling and instead of reducing your problems, it is constantly increasing. One after another we are hearing natural pandemics it has been 4 years we are still hearing the cases of COVID-19 and side by side many natural pandemics are facing some parts of the world. This week, Islamabad felt a tremor and now another Muslim country is expected to feel a tremor that will be in Istanbul. This statement is officially shared by professor Naci Gorur who continuously gives warnings about the great Istanbul earthquake. Now this news is all over social media and people are showing their interest in it.

Dr Naci Görür Istanbul Depremi

Dr Naci Görür Istanbul Depremi

While a great malaise prevails after the successive statement in the megacity, there are many forecasts about the date of the expected tremor. Now people want to know when is the tremor in Istanbul expected. People are looking for the statement of the professor and on what basis he has made this prediction. After the tremor that deeply wounded the country in Kahramanmaraş, this time a call for action is made by experts for the big Istanbul tremor expected in the Marmara Region. The citizen of Megakent are quite upset, on the other side, the forecast about the date of the tremor is shared by Prof. Dr. Naci Gorur.

Dr Naci Görür Istanbul Depremi

As per the statement of Science Academy Member Earth Scientist Prof. evaluated the 7.7 magnitude tremors in Kahramanmaras for DHA. As per the data of AFAD, on 6th February 2023 at around 04:17, 2 tremors with a magnitude of 7.6 happened in the Pazarcik district also located in Kahramanmaras at around 7.7 and after that, the next tremor was felt in the Elbistan district at 13.24. Several destructions have been reported regarding this earthquake in which many people lost their lives and now according to the professor measures should be taken against the Istanbul tremor.

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Dr Naci Görür Istanbul Depremi

Prof. Dr. Naci Gorur stated that most of the energy of the 2 fault lines that create the most tremors in Turkey is released. Professor stated that “There are 2 faults that create the most tremors in Turkey. 1 is the North Anatolian fault and the 2nd one is the Eastern Anatolian fault. As per my observation, both faults have discharged a large part of their energy. That means that there will not be a serious tremor in the country, Turkey in the next few 100 years.” Well, as of now, we are ending here but soon we will share the details. Till then be connected with us and we will shortly back with more information.

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