National Grid Employment Tribunal Trainee wins £360,000 at employment

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National Grid Employment Tribunal

National Grid Employment Tribunal

Emma Tahir, a National Grid trainee, claims that Colin Higgins sent her offensive emails at work and demanded she take off her sweatshirt during a site visit. After it was discovered that her boss had harassed her sexually, a trainee for the National Grid was awarded approximately £360,000 in a lawsuit. Emma Tahir testified in the Hull tribunal that Colin Higgins “repeatedly” demanded that she take her sweater off, physically encroached upon her, and wanted her to “marry him.” Ms. Tahir, a trainee project supervisor, described how Higgins, a mentor to her who is alleged to be in his fifties, inundated her with texts and emails.

In addition to telling her that she was his “favorite” and that he “fancied” her, he also emailed her with the message “Marry me.” The two would be “getting it on” if he were younger, he further questioned. Higgins preserved his job after an internal review of his behavior. Tahir told the hearing that Higgins ordered her to take off her hoodie pullover on a visit to a National Grid facility in West Yorkshire not long after she started working there. Ms. Tahir, however, filed a lawsuit against National Grid in 2021 alleging sexual harassment, victimisation, and constructive wrongful dismissal. The tribunal awarded the trainee £357,000. She argued that her interaction with the management harmed her “career path.”

Judge Joanna Wade stated that the award includes £40,000 for emotional loss and £10,000 for psychiatric injury. The National Grid hired Ms. Tahir, a lawyer with a Leeds University degree, on a construction development plan for a £30,000 salary. Last year, National Grid generated £18.26 billion in sales and employed just under 30,000 employees. In order to establish a “national gridiron” that would connect the UK’s most effective power plants with consumers, Lord Weir founded the firm in 1925. As a result of this incident, National Grid is also conducting a thorough examination of its procedures with the main objective of preventing similar occurrences in the future.

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