Nas EBK Arrested: Why did Nas EBK get Arrested? Bronx Rapper Charged for Second-Degree Murder

It is not so new to hear the arrest news of a rapper as most of the rappers remained in news for their arrest. They often become part of the notorious gang and keep on violating the rules. Sometimes they even get involved in serious crime and pulled the attention of their fans. One such rapper is presently in the news because of his arrest and this time, the rapper has actually committed a serious crime. His fans only heard the news of his arrest and came fore to know what exactly has happened. After searching the details we came here to share it with our readers so that they don’t need to go anywhere.

Nas EBK Arrested

Nas EBK Arrested

As per multiple media reports, Nas EBK has been detained and charged with reportedly assassinating the man in the Time Square shooting. This incident happened in the month of February. As per the reports, On Friday, 10th March 2023, the Bronx drill rapper was lifted up in New Jersey and then brought back to Midtown for his detain. The reports state that the rapper has been alleged of getting involved in an altercation with the sufferer on 9th February 2023 at the corner of the very-public intersection of 44th Street and 8th Avenue in Times Square. The altercation is stated to have stretched with the rapper and he reportedly shoot the sufferer.

Nas EBK Arrested

The bullet hit on the right side of the chest of the victim and he was badly wounded. The victim was identified as 22-year-old Idressa Siby. The report further added that Siby attended to run away but fell down a block later at a Chick-fil-A. Numerous tries at recovering him on the scene proved not useful and he later succumbed to his wounds at Mt. Sinai West. The police lodged the case and states that the duo already knew each other and the victim was indeed the intended target. The charges of the 2nd degree are made on him. However, the rapper has asserted his innocence, taking to his social media account on the day of his detain along with the post that reads “INNOCENT”.

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Nas EBK Arrested

He further added in the caption that “No one has the right to judge me only God can! Be Home Soon!! Free Da Guys!!” The report states the detain of the rapper comes up just weeks after Nas EBK was charged with terroristic menaces and attack over the Youtube prank video that was recorded at the local grocery store. As of now, we are ending this news here but we will soon return with more information.

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