Murder Suicide Miami Lakes: Shooter kills his mother, 3 others

On daily basis, we are hearing the news of murder and suicide. And somewhere we are hearing both cases together which is showing that how much people are becoming aggressive as well as depressed and deliberately drastic steps. One such murder-suicide case has come that has stunned the entire world and people are getting curious to grab all the details. This news is particularly pulling the attention of the world and they want to know where and what exactly has happened. According to the reports, a lady and her adult son are among the 5 individuals assassinated in the murder-suicide shooting at the residence located in Miami Lakes.

Murder Suicide Miami Lakes

Murder Suicide Miami Lakes

Miami-Dade Police discovered all 5 individuals shot to demise while performing a wellness check on the morning of Friday at the residence in the 14800 block of Northwest 87th Court, near 148th Terrace. The murder-suicide case has been lodged and police are currently investigating the matter. The investigating officers are believing that the man assassinated 4 adults- another man and 3 ladies prior to turning the gun on himself. The police have not shared many details of this case but this news has stirred up entire social media platforms. People are quite shocked after learning this news and want to know why the man has taken this drastic step.

Murder Suicide Miami Lakes

People are speculating their own reasons behind this murder-suicide but what exactly has happened is still remained to open. Other than that, the cops have not disclosed the identities of anyone engaged but family members identified one of the individuals assassinated as Yohanka Aguilar whose age is identified as 45. Family members further added that the 34-year-old son of Yohanka is also found dead after the incident. Her late son is identified as Dhany Aguilar. It is not known who the other sufferers are and what their possible relation is to Dhany and Yohanka Aguilar.

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Murder Suicide Miami Lakes

Now a new report is coming out in this matter which states that the killer kills his mother along with other people. Police stated that the call came in at around 09:42 AM from a relative attempting to find their loved one. After officers came to the given address, they searched and then entered the home through a window and find the individual shot dead. Cops states that they continued to check the house and found other dead bodies including the dead body of the killer. In this murder-suicide, 3 females and 2 males lost their life. As we said the police have not shared the information of the victims or the suspect but the family member Rolando Aguilar stated that his former wife, Joanka, and son Dhani were among those people who were found dead.

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