Martell Holt Arrested: TV personality arrested for domestic violence against ex

We all think that the lives of big stars are wonderful and that domestic violence only happens in the houses of common people. But nothing is like that, women all over the world are facing such issues whether they belong to the elite class, middle class or lower class. The condition of some women is the same and it is nothing related to money. We are often hearing big names who are identified as suspects of domestic violence and this time as well, the name of a popular celebrity is coming forward in this case. As per the latest report, Martell Holt has reportedly been detained for domestic violence against his baby mama.

Martell Holt Arrested

Martell Holt Arrested

His fans are quite shocked and confused after hearing this news and couldn’t able to believe it. It is not the first time that his name came to the news due to the controversy. His name came into the news due to his cheating on his wife. Martell Holt increased his fame after playing the role of the original male lead on “Love & Marriage Huntsville”. In the show Melody and Martell really looked like they were a power couple. Though, deception and cheating direct to the end of their beautiful ending. Not only this, but Martell had a baby with another lady when he was wedded to Melody. After learning the truth, Melody gets shattered and parts ways with him.

Martell Holt Arrested

The new reports state that Martell is attempting to create a new bond with Mel while he is already dating Sheree Whitfield. But on Saturday morning, 11th March 2023 rumours broke on social media which states that he getting detained for reportedly assaulting Arionne Curry who is the mother of his other kid. The rumours of his arrest started spreading all over social media platforms and many users shows their interest in it. As per the rumours, Martell got into a physical fight with Arionne Curry. As a consequence, the actor was reportedly detained. As we already made clear that Curry is the mother of the kid of the actor while he was already wedded to Melody Holt.

The reports further added that Martell Holt was reportedly detained with no bond. However, no other website has covered this news and that is why we are not aware of whether this news is true or not. We are waiting for the official confirmation from the side of Martell Holt or the police. If you also want to know more about it, you need to keep visit on this blog and we will surely come back with more information.

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