Mugshot: Is Vladimir Putin In Jail? Did He Get Arrested

The mugshot of the arrest of the Russian President is in the news. Several cybercitizens are confused after watching mugshots on social media and are keen to know if this news is really true or just a rumor. However, we all know that International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant against him. Now after hearing this news, many people started speculating that the police has detained him. Many social media users are keen to know about this viral news. After economic reforms and a fivefold rise in the price of gas and oil, the economy of Russia grew by an average of 7% annually at the time of the first term of Vladimir Putin as President.

Vladimir Putin

Is Vladimir Putin In Jail?

He also direct Russia in the conflict with Chechen rebels that restored federal rule over the territory. The President of Russia managed Police and military reform while sitting in the position of Prime Minister under Medvedev. Other than that, Russia supported the war in eastern Ukraine at the time of his 3rd term as President of Russia, annexing Crimea which directs to a financial crisis and international sanctions in Russia. In further addition to this, he also authorized military action in Syria in order to back Bashar al-Assad. This military action directed a contract that granted permanent naval bases in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Vladimir Putin

He started a prominent invasion of Ukraine in the month of February that resulted in widespread increased sanctions and international censure. In the month of September 2022, he announced the partial mobilization and forcefully annexed 4 oblasts of Ukraine into Russia. Now ever since the ICC issued an arrest warrant against Putin, people are wondering did he get detained. As of now, he is not in jail because it is really a big deal to arrest a President of any country. Plus no official confirmation has been made at present so all the rumors which are stating that he is in jail are completely false and bogus.

Vladimir Putin

It is true that Putin is wanted by the ICC on the charges of illegal deportation of minors and wrongful transfer of people from the land of Ukraine to the Federation of Russia. The ICC has never prior to issued warrants concerning the extensive assault of Russia on Ukraine which began in the month of February. The Kremlin has rejected any wrongdoing in the spite of the many reports that troops of Russia had committed battle crimes in the country of Ukraine including the recent U.N probe that discovered the forcible deportation of the children of Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin

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