Who Are Abdul Ezedi Parents: Where Are They From?

The number one suspect in the chemical attack at Clapham, Abdul Ezedi, was granted refugee fame within the UK following his conviction. For 3 days, police were not able to apprehend Abdul Ezedi, the 35-year-old suspect in the unsettling chemical attack on a mother and her two kids in Clapham, south London. Law enforcement considers Ezedi, a convicted sex perpetrator whose concept to be of Afghan descent, to be a “dangerous character,”. This info is the focal point of ongoing police research that goals to shed mild on the suspect’s historical past and feasible reasons for wearing out the horrific attack. Let’s be with this article.

Abdul Ezedi

Who Are Abdul Ezedi’s Parents

Abdul Ezedi, who entered the UK by using the truck in 2016, was granted refugee popularity in 2020 or 2021 after the Home Office twice denied his asylum claim, which turned into based totally on his conversion to Christianity. According to the BBC, Ezedi’s attraction became a success if a church member attested to his honest conversion. The Guardian has posted scant facts concerning Ezedi’s pre-UK lifestyle. According to The Express, Ezedi was a “loner” who lived in a hostel in Newcastle and failed to appear to have any circle of relatives within the UK. Swipe down to know more.

Abdul Ezedi

Though his specific birthplace and upbringing are unknown, Ezedi is thought to be of Afghan descent. He knowledgeable the Home Office that the Taliban had been the motive he left Afghanistan and that they had tortured him. But the Home Office rejected his claim, mentioning contradictions in his account. In 2018, Ezedi was found guilty of sexual attack and exposure and acquired a sentence of two consecutive less than a year in jail that was suspended. He was a resident of Newcastle earlier than his Tuesday experience to London, in which he is stated to have achieved the chemical attack on Wednesday. Keep reading to know more.

The circle of relatives that was harmed via the corrosive substance is thought to know him, even though the police are uncertain of their specific relationship. The police have made available CCTV pix of Ezedi that show his feature facial injuries at the proper aspect, which he acquired even as seeking to flee the scene. He remained determined on Wednesday night time in north London, where he purchased eggs from a Tesco Express shop. A praise of £20,000 has been supplied for statistics that outcomes in his apprehension. Stay connected to our website for more latest news updates.

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