Who Is Miles Routledge? British men detained by Taliban in Afghanistan

This is to inform you that famous Youtuber Miles Routledge has been captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan after he visited the country for fun. However, it is reported that Miles Routledge did not visit Afghanistan for the first time. The last time he visited the Taliban-ruled country in August 2021, he received a huge backlash for it. But this time, the British self-styled danger tourist has been arrested by Taliban Secret Police. As this news has been a topic of discussion in the town, we did a deep study on it and dug deep into the web to collect reliable and accurate details about it. Kindly stick with it and follow this column till the last to understand all aspects of the news. Scroll down the page and take a look below.

Miles Routledge

Who Is Miles Routledge?

Miles Routledge is a British Youtuber and he is a self-styled ‘danger tourist’ who visits dangerous places in the world. Now he is one of the three British men who have been captured in Kabul by the Taliban’s feared counter-intelligence. Miles Routledge is from Birmingham and currently, he is 21 years of age. Miles Routledge is popular by his Youtube name Lord Miles and he has more than 140,000 followers on Twitter. He promotes himself as a person who will go to the most dangerous locations on the planet for fun. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Miles Routledge

As mentioned, Miles Routledge is one of the three British men captured by the Taliban Secret Police in Kabul, the other two British men are Kevin Cornwell and an unknown man who manages a hotel in Kabul. Kevin Cornwell is a 53 years old man and he is a charity medic. Sources claimed that these two British men have been captured by the secret police of the Taliban since January. But they are arrested on different incidents. Scroll down the page.

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Miles Routledge

Miles Routledge was captured by the Taliban on March 2. Youtuber Miles Routledge was with two Polish men named Adrian Wojcki and Roman Bilski when he was arrested. The three men are held for further investigation and questioning. The arrest of British man Miles Routledge and Polish men Roman and Adrian was confirmed by an officer of Taliban security last week. Taliban officials said that they were found partaking in suspicious activities and were being held with the Taliban’s counterintelligence department in Kabul. Stay tuned.

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