Marcia Curtis Missing: Where Is Ceaser Curtis Who Staged Ex-Wife?

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Ceaser Curtis

Ceaser Curtis, who appeared concerned about his ex-wife on social media, has been accused of killing her. After Marcia Curtis’s 46-year-old body was discovered on September 1 outside an abandoned mobile home, Ceaser Curtis, 50, was detained. She had vanished on September 1 after quitting her work at Portland, Indiana-based clutch manufacturer FCC. prior to the discovery of her remains. Ceaser Curtis took part in the hunt for her by sharing pictures of her and requesting on Facebook that his friends call the police if they had seen her.

On September 9, Ceaser Curtis shared images on Facebook along with the message, “If any of my friends on my Facebook have seen or heard from my ex-wife, her name is Marcia Curtis, she has been missing since Friday 9/1/23 please contact the police.” He added, “She was last seen wearing the blue and white FCC uniform. We are all concerned about her. Please let someone know if you have seen her.” He also published a message from Brittney Ratliff, the daughter of Marcia Curtis, in which she expressed her hope that it was all just a nightmare. I’ve been dreading writing this piece, hoping it’s all just a horrible dream, but it’s not; it’s my reality. As stated by Brittney Ratliff, “My Mom Is Missing.”

She’s been gone for a while. As of September 1, She was last seen on Friday while wearing a white work uniform with the FCC insignia. She is a Portland employee. If you’ve come across her, seen her, or simply know where she might be. Please get in touch!” The Law and Crime located Ceaser Curtis’ additional posts from the 26th and 27th of August. According to the article that alluded to a lack of trust, Marcia Curtis had an extramarital affair. One of the posts said, “Never let someone get too comfortable with disrespecting you.”

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