Who is Manoj Muntashir Wife, Neelam muntashir? age, family, parents, biography, religion

Manoj Muntashir, also known as Manoj Shukla, has become a contentious figure in the online community amid the ongoing “Adipurush” controversy. His role in the movie has generated a lot of conversation on social media platforms, with an emphasis on the conversations that have drawn criticism from fans. We will therefore learn more about Manoj Muntashir’s wife in this post. Not only that, but in this article we’ll also talk about their current viral news. To learn more, keep reading the article.

Manoj Muntashir wife

Who is Manoj Muntashir Wife, Neelam Muntashir?

Manoj Muntashir and the Adipurush team have agreed to change parts of the divisive talks in response to the criticism from the general public. Netizens continue to criticize him and voice their displeasure despite his attempts. Throughout all of this, many internet users have looked into Manoj Muntashir’s earlier online activities, discovering older tweets and posts that seem to show his inclinations toward communist ideologies and his rejection of the extreme Hindu sentiments that have recently become popular in India. It’s interesting to see that Manoj Muntashir is not the only person receiving criticism. The same criticism has been leveled towards his wife, Neelam Muntashir.

Manoj Muntashir wife

As seen by the widespread sharing of allegedly old screenshots, she has been charged with promoting communist ideologies and defending Islamist journalists like Rana Ayyub. Neelam Muntashir, his wife, has consequently recently been a hot topic of conversation as a result of people wanting to learn more about her. Neelam Muntashir is a famous spouse who is well-known for being Manoj Muntashir, a well-known lyricist. She has made headlines due to widespread criticism and accusations that she supports Islamist journalists and subscribes to communist ideologies. She also goes by the name Neelam Shukla. She was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and practices Hinduism. Her Facebook profile indicates that she attended the University of Mumbai.

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Manoj Muntashir wife

Manoj Muntashir, a well-known songwriter, poet, and screenwriter, is the husband of Neelam Muntashir. Her spouse is the author of the lyrics of several well-known Bollywood songs, including “Galliyan,” “Tere Sang Yaara,” “Kaun Tujhe,” and “Teri Mitti.” She is the mother of Aarav Shukla, one son. Neelam Muntashir is a poet and writer, just like her spouse. She has, however, also come under fire and criticism for being accused of believing in communism and reportedly backing Islamist journalists like Rana Ayyub, as seen by some old screenshots of her tweets that have gone popular on social media. Continue reading to learn more about Manoj and Neelam Muntashir.

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