Malviya Nagar Nargis Murder Case Update: Delhi woman killed over marriage proposal

Once again, the entire Delhi is shocked to become the witness of another heinous exploit, which no one had even imagined. Yes, you heard right, Malviya Nagar-based girl Nargis lost her precious life after being attacked by a Muslim guy Irfan who was continuously seeking to meet her and wanted to marry her. But she did not want any alliance with him and thus she maintained an arm’s distance from him but despite this, he killed her while piercing her body with the knife. Below you can explore further news along with some unknown facts.

Malviya Nagar Nargis Murder Case

Malviya Nagar Nargis Murder Case Update

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Nargis was living with her family and made them acquainted with everything about Irfan. Hence, her family usually stands by her in everything and thus, they helped her to overcome all the problems in her past. But they were also familiar with the madness of Irfan as he was mad at her and wanted to get at any cost but due to his exploitive tendencies she always said no to him and despite this, he did not stop chasing her even though her family claimed that they caught him red handed.

The police department confirmed in a statement, that the murder planning of Nargis was going on from the last three days of her murder. As default accepted this in police custody, which is giving it a different face. Even, they mentioned he stabbed Nargis multiple times in the public park where many people were available and became the witness of the exploit. Even, the entire actions have been recorded by the CCTV camera and based on the footage now the concerned authorities are bringing the proceeding ahead and punishing the defaulted hard as he killed an innocent girl.

Besides all these, Nargis’s family admitted that Irfan was stalking their daughter for a very long and therefore, they made action against him as well so that, he can maintain an arm’s distance from her but he did not implement the things. Even, Irfan asked Nargis and her family that he wants to marry her but due to his tendencies and employment they refused to accept his offer and ask him to stay away otherwise they will take the police’s help to provide the security to their daughter.

After hearing all this, Irfan showed his stubborn side and after a few days he asked Nargis to meet him last time, then he will go out of her life for sure. So, Nargis decided to meet him and went to the park he asked for after reaching there she found him with a sharp knife and before she runs he started stabbing her in the worst manner while making injured multiple times. Everyone is seeking justice for her and therefore police is taking the appropriate action against Irfan. So stay tuned with us to know. more and do follow Techballad.

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