Why did Louise Priest quit BBC? Presenter cries live on air

If you are a fan of Louise Priest and love to watch her show then you will be upset to hear that you will not be able to watch it more. The speculation regarding her resignation from the news station is quite high and many reports are claiming that she has decided to end his 40 years of career in regional broadcasting. Her fans are stunned and want to know the reason for her termination. Well, most of the people are thinking that she is taking retirement but some are thinking that she is planning to do something else. Well, what will be the reason is only get to know after reading this blog. So don’t stop here and continue to read it.

Louise Priest

Why did Louise Priest quit BBC?

Before talking about her resignation, it is important to know about her only then you will understand why her resignation is making people sad. Louise is a well-known name in the news industry. This TV Presenter marked her significant mark in the broadcasting industry and gave her 40 years to BBC. She joined this firm in 1983 and continued to work till 2023. She has a great contribution to BBC. She has not only worked with BBC but also worked in several platforms from regional television to local radio. She loved to be on screen and her continued presence made her popular.

Louise Priest

At BBC, she performed the role of delivering morning and lunchtime headlines. She is a bold personality who never fears to take any challenge. All over her voyage, her interviewing skills have enabled her to be involved with a diverse array of individuals. She is a role model for many young TV presenters and she often shares the details of her work. Due to her great work and dedication, she established her name very well in regional journalism and she is a respected and reputed personality.

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Louise Priest

If we talk about the latest topic then, the rumors related to her leaving BBC are quite high on social media. The reports are also confirming this news and she is actually leaving BBC after serving her 40 years. Those who worked with her know her dedication very well and they are sad that they would not be able to work with her anymore. She herself shared this news and even stated the reason for her leaving. She disclosed that one of the main reasons for her decision is because of the timing of her early show. As of now, we just only have this many details but we will return soon with more information.

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