Lebanon Triple Homicide Of 2 Children, 1 Teen: 2 Men Arrested And Young Victims Identified

There is a new crime case that has given a huge shock to everyone. This news is circulating on every social media platform. Two people killed two children and one adult in Lebanon. The criminals have been arrested. This news is viral on the whole internet right now. People are very shocked after listening to this news. This news has shattered the whole internet. Now our audience wants to know about this whole case. People want to know about the victims and suspects. Netizens want to know where are the suspects right now.

Lebanon Triple Homicide

Lebanon Triple Homicide Of 2 Children, 1 Teen

Our sources have given us a lot of details about this horrifying crime case. And we have also done a lot of research on this case. Our team has gathered a lot of information about this crime case. We are going to provide you with every single piece of information about this case and we will also give some details about the criminals. So please go through the article till the end and please do not miss any line or paragraph of this article if you want to know everything about this crime case. So let us now continue this article.

Lebanon Triple Homicide

Lebanon Triple Homicide: 2 Men Arrested

Two suspects were detained by Lebanon police in connection with Tuesday’s killings of two toddlers and one adult in Lebanon. James Fernandez-Reyes, 22, and Alex Torres Santos, 22, were also detained on Wednesday night. Santos made an attempt to leave the house but was quickly and peacefully taken into custody. After hiding out in a nearby house, Fernandez-Reyes was quickly apprehended. There were many guns in the house, including an AR-15 that matched the shell casings discovered at the shooting scene. This is a very devastating news. Scroll down to the next stanza of this article to know more about this crime scene.

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Lebanon Triple Homicide Of 2 Children, 1 Teen

According to authorities, the killings were carried out using ammunition discovered in the house. Santos was out on bail for two different instances involving hazardous weapons at the time of the shooting, according to authorities. After making bail, he was placed under house arrest and had to wear a house-arrest bracelet. So this was all about this case. We have shared every single piece of detail about this case. More information on this case will be disclosed soon. We will soon give you some updates about this case till then stay tuned with PKB news.

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