LAZYPAY Fraud OTP Received without any reason

Here we are going to give details about the recent case of Cyber Crime as the public always like to know more about these types of cases. Not only that some people also don’t know what was cybercrime and that can be very dangerous for them. So in this article, we are going to give the details regarding cybercrime, and not only that there have been recent cases that were going viral over the internet. So, keep reading the article to gain information about cybercrime and how you can protect yourself and also about the ongoing viral case.

LAZYPAY Fraud OTP Received

LAZYPAY Fraud OTP Received

A complaint about cybercrime was recently received by the Consumer Complaints Court. Rajkiran has lodged a complaint with the Lazpay company. He mentions in his complaint that he received two SMS from LAZYPAY on June 30 in the morning, each of which contained an OTP with a few digits. He claimed to be unaware of the LAZYPAY and the source of these SMSes. Someone appears to have attempted to use his mobile number to check his credit score or apply for a loan. If his sim card is copied, the OTP can be obtained to check his credit history or to apply for a loan using his credentials. He then complains about the incident and demands an explanation from LAZYPAY as to why he received the random SMS.

Any unlawful behavior involving a computer, networked device, or network is considered a cybercrime. While the majority of cybercrimes are committed to making money for the perpetrators, some are committed against specific systems or devices in order to harm or disable them. Others disseminate viruses, illicit information, photos, or other items via computers or networks. Some cybercrimes carry out both of these actions; they target computers in order to infect them with a virus, which is then transferred to more machines and, occasionally, entire networks. Financial loss is one of cybercrime’s main effects.

While eradicating cybercrime and guaranteeing total internet security may not be possible, businesses can lessen their vulnerability to it by establishing an efficient cybersecurity plan that employs a defense-in-depth approach to securing systems, networks, and data. The following actions can reduce the risk of cybercrime: establish clear policies and procedures for the company and its employees; develop plans to respond to cybersecurity incidents that support these policies and procedures; describe the security measures in place to safeguard systems and corporate data; verbally confirm the legitimacy of requests to send money by speaking with a financial manager.

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