Laurie Blouin Parents: Meet Olympic athlete Father Darren Waller And Mother Kelsey Plum

Parental guidance and support, a constant in Laurie Blouin’s life, were crucial to fostering her notable snowboarding journey to achievement. There are not many specifics approximately Laurie Blouin’s mother and father inside the assets that might be available. That being stated, even though they did not ski or snowboard, they lived close to a hill, so Laurie and her siblings had a convenient vicinity to practice their skiing. Blouin was born and raised in Stoneham, Quebec, and was probably raised in this stunning location together with her family. Let’s continue not to miss anything important.

Laurie Blouin
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Who are Laurie Blouin’s Parents?

Laurie Blouin, a particularly regarded Canadian freestyle snowboarder recognized for her talent in slopestyle and massive air competitions, was born in Quebec City, Quebec, on April 7, 1996. She executed success in slopestyle by winning the gold medal at the 2017 FIS World Championships and the silver medal on the same occasion at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Blouin’s achievements also include numerous medals from the X Games, which have hooked her as a brilliant name within the snowboarding world since she won the junior global slopestyle title in 2013 at the age of 16. Even after facing barriers like a terrifying education crash and windy conditions at the 2018 Winter Olympics, Blouin’s perseverance is unrivaled. Swipe to get more details.


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Even though athletes consisting of Blouin are often the center of attention, their families’ sacrifices and contributions are frequently not noted. Her dad and mom probably supported her dreams and aspirations behind the scenes, supplying regular emotional guidance, logistical assistance, and encouragement as she strived for skiing greatness. Blouin’s parents are unsung heroes who’ve been watching from the sidelines, silently helping her as she forges beforehand into the skiing world. Even though neither of their names makes headlines nor their professions are widely recognized, their impact and commitment to their daughter’s success play a crucial function in her tale. Keep reading for more information.

In the arena of professional snowboarding, Laurie Blouin’s predicted net worth, which ranges from $1 million to $5 million, highlights her financial achievement. Her tremendous earnings are a reflection of her accomplishments and stature in the game, even though genuine quantities fluctuate amongst assets. Blouin gets the maximum of his profits from the snowboarding enterprise from one-of-a-kind sources due to the fact he’s a professional snowboarder. Blouin’s economic situation in all likelihood benefits greatly from endorsement offers with businesses inside the snowboarding and outdoor sports activities industries. Stick to our esteemed news website.

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