WATCH: La Negra Vernaci Radio exploded and shook her headphones

The well-known host of Radio Pop, Elizabeth Vernaci hit the news headlines after a moment that happened at the beginning of her program “La Negra Pop” on Monday morning, July 24, 2023. The incident has been in the talks of the audience as the host was not off-air when the moment happened. Elizabeth Vernaci was about to start hosting her show La Negra Pop but due to some faults, the host could not hide her annoyance. As she has a huge number of listeners, the incident could not remain out of talks. If you are still unversed by that moment that occurred at The Radio Pop, this article will let you know why Elizabeth Vernaci got angry with her colleagues. Take a look below and unfold more details in the following sections.

La Negra Vernaci Radio

La Negra Vernaci Radio

At the start of The Elizabeth Vernaci Program, the incident happened within the framework of his La Negra Pop cycle when the host was about to start a radio workshop which is very popular. In this program, the host invites aspiring presenters and talks about the techniques being used in radio, with his undisputed trademark. On Monday morning, the host became annoyed when an error occurred with the headphones. Swipe down the page and read what the host said.

While on air Elizabeth Vernaci said, “Hey, my headset broke, everything works like an a**hole” The host kept on vociferating at the start of the show. To the crew members who approached the host to ask what happened, Elizabeth Vernaci said, “Everything works like ortho. Guys, we didn’t say it before, but we are doing a radio workshop”. The crew member changed Elizabeth’s headphones but it did not work properly as well. Thus she became annoyed and yelled before throwing the headphones into the air, “Che, this d*ck, I hate them, give me some that will work, Yes, you work like that, when something goes wrong, you work like that. This is for the boys to be calm, happy,”

After getting annoyed by the technical fault that occurred in her headphones at the start of his show, she finally greeted the students who were sitting next to her at the table. “How are you doing? Welcome,” But when an attendee tried to speak to her, she became annoyed again and said, I’m going to put the microphone where it goes. The shell of her mother, guys, the wh*re that gave birth to each of you,”

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