Ken Rosato Net Worth: American journalist salery and career earning

In this article, we are going to talk about Ken Rosato. Currently, he is trending on the internet because of the controversy. When considering anchors who have made a reputation for themselves in the media, Ken Rosato comes to mind because of his diverse skill set, which spans both radio and television broadcasts. Between 1998 and 2002, Rosato, who is now a well-known character with WABC TV, worked for a number of television stations in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, including WNYW TV and WFOR TV. His background in journalism extends beyond radio and television. He has held prestigious positions at WLNY TV/New York, including those of news director and lead anchor. Radio stations like WSPK FM “K 104.7” in Poughkeepsie, WVIP FM 106.3 in Mount Kisco, and WFLY FM “Fly 92” in Albany have all featured performances by Rosato.

Ken Rosato

Ken Rosato Net Worth

As an accomplished journalist and anchor for WABC-TV’s morning newscasts, Ken Rosato has achieved financial success. Although exact figures for his net worth or income are not disclosed, industry experts have estimated that he is worth between $1 and $5 million, or between $63,000 and 125k a year, implying a remarkable degree of financial success during his career. Rosato’s standing in the media industry is certainly noteworthy, especially given that he has been a well-known figure for a long time, greatly enhancing his financial wealth.


NameKen Rosato
Real NameKen Rosato
Born4 May 1967
Age56 years
BirthplaceNew Rochelle, New York, United States
Spouse:Chris Sobel
EducationRegis High School
Net Worth$5 million
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Of course, we should also be aware that measuring someone’s worth or potential earnings may be interpreted subjectively depending on the situation, such as when negotiating contracts or other business arrangements. But by continuing to do what he excels at—anchoring the news—Ken Rosato continues to amass huge wealth. Eyewitnesses and several online sources claim that Ken Rosato said something inappropriate. He was fired when the comment was heard on an open mic while he was off-air.

Ken Rosato

Another story claims Rosato was immediately “fired for cause.” Another person said that although his phrase was unclear, it might have been a racial epithet. Ken’s agent, however, declined and remarked: “Firing for any racial slur is completely inaccurate and false.” At WABC, Ken Rosato has a 20-year history of advocating for equality. The general manager of ABC 7 informed him that Rosato had left WABC and praised him for his years of service. Rosato’s co-anchors privately discussed everything that had happened with management as well, but they were not informed of the reasons behind Rosato’s dismissal. His bio has already been taken off the roster of journalists working at WABC right now. So this was all bout this controversy. So, Stay tuned to PKb news.

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