Who is Kalani Faagata Fiance? 90 Day Fiance Star Kalani Faagata Fiance

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Kalani Faagata Fiance

Who is Kalani Faagata Fiance?

Dallas Nuez and Kalani Faagata are romantically involved, however, they are not engaged at this time. Reality TV star Kalani Faagata gained notoriety for her roles on the hit program “90 Day Fiancé.” Because of her turbulent relationship with her estranged husband, Asuelu Pulaa, she became well-known throughout her time in the series. Kalani and Asuelu choose to participate in “90 Day: The Last Resort,” a show spinoff, as a means of resolving their marital troubles. It was disclosed on the show that Kalani had pursued a romantic relationship with Dallas Nuez by using a “hall pass” that Asuelu had provided. Ultimately, this caused her marriage to Asuelu to fail.

Dallas Nuez is not Kalani Faagata’s fiancé; rather, he is her new lover. During an Instagram Q&A, he, a security guard, made his initial public declaration of their relationship. When a fan asked him how happy he was with Kalani, he said, “She makes me very happy.” Dallas stated that, despite their celebrity status, he would not be participating in the TLC series “90 Day Fiancé.” Fans first learned about Kalani and Dallas’ relationship after they started dating while filming “90 Day: The Last Resort,” after Kalani used the hall pass that Asuelu had given her.

Star of 90 Day Fiancé Kalani Faagata is presently dating Dallas Nuez, but they are not engaged. Security guard Dallas Nuez revealed his love for Kalani to the public and shared his joy with her on social media. After Kalani used a hall pass provided by her divorced husband Asuelu Pulaa during the filming of “90 Day: The Last Resort,” their connection blossomed and ultimately resulted in their divorce. Dallas Nuez is Kalani Faagata’s current romantic companion, but the two are not engaged. The most well-known feature of Kalani Faagata is her participation in the reality TV series “90 Day Fiancé.”

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