WATCH: Kajal Hindustani Arrested Over UNA Hate Speech Video Statement Surfaced Online

Hate speech case, Right-wing activist Kajal Hindustani arrested days after communal clash in Gujarat’s Una. Read ahead to know about the entire case.

On Sunday, April 9, a Hindu activist Kajal Hindustani was reportedly arrested by Gujarat’s Una police. This comes after a case was registered against her for an alleged ‘hate speech’. According to local media reports, she has been sent to Junagadh jail following an appearance in front of the Magistrate at his residence. On March 30, the Ram Navami procession was taken out in Una of district Gir Somnath, Gujarat. An event was organized where Hindu activist Kajal Hindustani was one of the speakers. The Dharamsabha took place at Raavanvadi near Trikon Bagh.

Kajal Hindustani

Kajal Hindustani Arrested Over UNA Hate Speech Video

During her speech, Kajal raised several issues, including Love Jihad and Land Jihad. The local Muslims deemed her speech controversial and took the entire city hostage. There were reports of stone pelting at various places, and the city was on the edge for two days. In addition, ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ slogans were also raised against her. The FIR has been accessed by the Gujarat police and was filed on April 2, 2023. The complainant in the case was Kanthibai Ram.

According to the FIR, the police mentioned the reason for the delay in the filing of an FIR against Kajal Hindustani and says that the Muslim community leaders approached the police over the speech, and a written complaint was filed on March  31, 2023. Seven people had signed it. During the night, the police also reached out to Muslim leaders and were informed that the leaders will let the police know by noon on April 1. Though, later none of the Muslim Community people reach out to the police again.

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Kajal Hindustani

Importantly, there are three points which the complaining, ASI Kantibhai Ram has mentioned in his complaint and the FIR is based on.

  • She asked Hindu men to convert Muslim women and according to the complainant, that is an insult to the Muslim woman’s dignity.
  • Such assertions also insult Muslim men and the entire religion of Islam.
  • She insulted the Maulvis by calling them Mullahs and Thullas.
  • She apparently fabricated things about Islam to condemn the Muslim community in the ‘lowest choice of words’.


Kajal Hindustani

Interestingly, if one peruses the speech of Kajal Hindustani, she did not ask the Hindu men to convert Muslim women. She said that if Muslim women want to escape the evils that befall them as a result of the practices of the Islamic community, then they should marry Hindu men of their own volition. She asked the Hindu men to go out and convert Muslim women.

The FIR merely makes a general, sweeping statement on the basis of which Kajal Hindustani seems to have been arrested. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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