Who Is Justin Pazera Husband, Travis Roberts? Married Life and Family

Travis Roberts, Justin Pazera’s spouse, avoids the spotlight. Continue reading till the end if you want to learn more about their marital life. A well-known journalist named Justin Pazera is well-known for his work as an anchor reporter at ABC15. Pazera has over 20 years of expertise in the industry and has a wide range of knowledge. He was the primary reporter for ABC15 in 2018 during the hotly contested Arizona U.S. Senate campaign. Numerous people adore his work, which has also received various accolades. In addition, Pazera won an Emmy for his reporting on the shockingly high suicide rates among children and teenagers on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Justin Pazera Husband Travis Roberts

Who Is Justin Pazera Husband, Travis Roberts?

Travis Roberts, Justin Pazera’s spouse, is his husband. However, it is still unknown when Pazera and her husband started dating despite the fact that they have been married for a very long time. Both of them would rather avoid the media than divulge their information to the tabloids. Justin and Travis are thought to have started dating a long time ago based on their social media activity. Pazera and Roberts married in April 2022 after a protracted courtship. After exchanging vows in a private wedding ceremony held in Sedona, Arizona, Justin, and Travis are now legally married.

In the United States of America, Justin Pazera was born and raised in a respectable household. Although the tabloids have not been given their names, he gets along well with his parents. Pazera is also very conscious of his privacy and would rather keep his private issues private than reveal them to the media. It is impossible to determine whether Pazera is the only child of his parents or whether he has siblings due to a lack of information. Additionally, Justin has the Instagram handle @justinpazera, where you can follow him. Justin currently has more than 7,000 followers on the website, and he updates both his personal and professional life via his Instagram account.

Travis Roberts, Justin Pazera’s devoted husband who is thought to be an army veteran, is supposed to be an openly gay man. Pazera is also proud of his sexuality. Pazera’s birthdate is still unknown, but his supporters and admirers have shown him a lot of love. Justin received greater encouragement after being married to his spouse. Not to mention that Justin and Travis already had their anniversary last year. To commemorate their first anniversary, Pazera posted on his Instagram account. He tweeted, “Today marks one year since one incredible day,” along with the video. Here are a few photos from our wedding set to music since I never posted many of them.

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