WATCH: Johnstone high school video three teachers rushed to hospital in scotland

A shocking incident came to know today that three teachers of Johnstone High School were rushed to hospital following an attack. Since this news broke out it has been making headlines everywhere and leaving people shocked. But who attacked the three teachers at Johnstone High School? In fact, this question is the point of discussion in this story. According to the reports, the three staff members of Johnstone High School were hospitalized after being attacked by a former student of the school. Yes, you heard it right, a former student of the school brutally attacked his teachers. Isn’t it shocking?

Johnstone High School Video

Johnstone high school video

This story needs to be discussed in detail. Thus, we have discussed all the noteworthy questions and aspects of this news. After reading this column till the last word, you won’t require to scrounge web articles for the same. After an in-depth study and research about this news, we have published this article. Let’s start exploring the details, stick with this article for a while. Swipe down the page.

This incident happened on May 12, 2023, Friday. Reportedly, police were also called to the school located in Renfrewshire in the morning when the disturbance occurred at the school. The three teachers of the school were taken to Royal Alexandra Hospital located in Paisley. Who are the three staff members of the school? It has been alleged that three teachers aged 34, 48, and 59. But their identities have been kept secret. Scroll down the page and read about the former student who attacked his teachers.

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Johnstone High School Video

The pupil who attacked his former teachers is 14 years old. Reportedly, the 14-year-old student also sustained injuries during the incident. Parents said the staff members had been injured trying to break up a fight in the dining hall. “It’s pretty crazy”. The authorities and school confirmed that no weapon was used in the incident. Swipe down the page and read more.

Johnstone High School Video

Steven Quinn who is the director of children’s services said that all pupils are safe and well. He further added, “The incident occurred this morning when a former pupil entered the school. Three teachers and one pupil were injured and have received appropriate medical treatment. I would like to make clear—contrary to what you may have heard on social media or elsewhere—no weapons were involved in the incident.” Another 16-year-old student also has been found involved in this incident. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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