Fact check: Is BLACKPINK Jisoo Dating Korean Actor Ahn Bo Hyun? Relationship Timeline

Jennie from BLACKPINK and V from BTS are dating? Is Lisa dating Arnault, the heir to LVMH? Jisoo has a significant reveal for us while we keep looking for details about these reported couples. Jisoo from BLACKPINK has revealed that she is dating actor Ahn Bo Hyun in a surprising coupling development. Startled? The unexpected coupling of two adored stars has the K-pop community equally astounded (and thrilled). Jisoo, the group’s beloved “Unnie,” has never been open about her personal affairs. Fans are ecstatic to see her embrace this new phase in her life as she makes her first relationship reveal. Read on to learn more.

Jisoo Dating Ahn Bo Hyun

Is BLACKPINK Jisoo Dating Korean Actor Ahn Bo Hyun?

According to Jisoo’s agency, YG Entertainment, and Ahn Bo Hyun’s agency, FN Entertainment, they are dating. Jisoo is a member of the well-known Korean girl band BLACKPINK. The stars are reportedly developing “positive feelings” for one another, according to a joint statement from both agencies. They are getting to know each other with good feelings, YG Entertainment reportedly remarked, according to reports in Soompi. We would appreciate it if you gave them a friendly glance. FN Entertainment added, “They are getting to know each other.”

The couple’s relationship was officially confirmed not long after Dispatch first reported it. The two were reportedly seen visiting Jisoo’s house, according to the South Korean media outlet’s story. Additionally, pictures of the couple seen at the BLACKPINK member’s house were posted. For the first time, Jisoo has been the subject of dating gossip, and her followers are overjoyed by her fulfilling love life. Ahn Bo Hyun is renowned for his superb acting skills and enduring roles in Itaewon Class and Yumi’s Cells. Fans have praised him for having a genuine attitude that complements Jisoo’s warmth.

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Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun were initially seen together at the home of the BLACKPINK singer, according to Dispatch. Even more, the media company unveiled a collection of unique images that showed the two adored celebrities in their natural, happy states. Even at a quick glance, it’s difficult to overlook how adorable they appear to be together. YG Entertainment’s declaration of support for the pair served to further verify the news. The agency stated in a statement that Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun both have “positive feelings for each other and are currently taking the time to get to know each other better.” Fans are curious to find out how Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun met as they negotiate their relationship.

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