Jennie illness: BLACKPINK’s Jennie abruptly leaves Melbourne concert

Within 2-3 years, the K-pop industry has grown very well all over the world. Their films, web series, music, and fashion are highly followed all over the world, particularly among youth follow them. There are many K-pop bands that made their place in the choice of listening and people love to listen to the music despite not understanding the language. However, there are many K-pop singers and bands who are creating music in the English language which helps them to grow in the music industry.

BLACKPINK's Jennie abruptly leaves Melbourne concert

BLACKPINK’s Jennie abruptly leaves the Melbourne concert

“BLACKPINK” is one such K-pop band that is quite famous and this band only has 4-5 beautiful women who are ruling over the hearts of their fans. Their music is highly liked by the people and they love to attend their concerts. However, the fans of this band are currently sad and disappointed after one member left the concert. The fans got worried and looked to know the matter. Some claims that something happened between the group which led her to leave the concert, but nothing much has happened. She left the concert due to her health issue.

After the news of them leaving the concert of her starting circulating, several BLINKS are confused about what occurred to Jennie. As we all know that BLACKPINK is presently on their Born Pink World Tour after the highly energized and critically acclaimed Coachella headlining act. The band is on their tour but the fans notice that Jennie is missing at the time of the soundcheck prior to their Melbourne concert on Sunday, 11th June 2023. According to the reports, about halfway through the concert at the time of the hit song titled “Lovesick Girls”, Jennie left to recover backstage.

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The rest of the members,- Rose, Jisoo, and Lisa make sure that the audience that Jennie was only but she was feeling uneasy earlier in the day. Rose states about the condition of her bandmate prior to her and the rest of the bandmates showing Jennie love on the stage. She states that “We are so sad that we can not have her today with us because she was so excited to perform in Melbourne. I am sure, she is feeling really sad and upset backstage.” Even though she is missing, the remaining members concluded the concert without her.

There are many fans who want to know what occurred to her. As per YG Entertainment, the company of BLACKPINK, Jennie was “not able to finish the stage because of her deteriorating condition. We would like to extend our sincerest apologies to all the admirers who have shown their support for BLACKPINK and those who come to attend the concert.” The company concludes the statement by requesting fans to understand the situation of Jennie.

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