Who Is Jackline Musa? 47-Years-Old Woman Arrested Over Crushed Ex-Boyfriend

Love is the most beautiful emotion or feeling but when it becomes an obsession it can be dangerous. There are many cases available to read which show how sometimes the overflow of the emotions of love can be dangerous and take the life of the person. We are back with one such horrifying case in which a woman has assassinated her former beau. According to the latest report, Jackline Musa was detained for assassinating her former beau with the car. Now, this news is accumulating a lot of attention and people are searching for information about this horrible news.

Jackline Musa Arrested

Jackline Musa Arrested

The suspect is identified as Jackline Musa who hails from Sydney. This 47-year-old lady was found guilty of murder by the court jury. The reports state that she was given a maximum term of 2 decades in jail, along with a non-parole period of 14 years. This horrible news has stunned the individuals, and the CCTV video has gained a lot of attention which is now gone viral on social media platforms and is easily available to watch. Social media users are sharing this video with each other and getting stunned after knowing the truth.

The suspect was brought up in a village in Sudan and did not have the best childhood in “poverty-stricken situations” with no facility for running water. She was recently charged with deliberating assassinating her beau with the use of her car. As per sources, she crushed him against the wall. This incident happened 3 years back and she was detained on 27th June 2020. In further addition to this, Musa comes up to the NSW Supreme Court on the afternoon of Monday to get to know the result of her crime.

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Jackline Musa Arrested

The media sources disclosed that she was detained for a maximum of 20 years, and the suspect has been in the prison since the killing, likewise, she will be suitable for parole in the month of June 2034. Similarly, Musa was discovered as the main suspect in the killing in the month of December after she crushed her former partner with the use of her car. The victim was identified as 31-year-old Payman “Paul” Thagipur. The court further added that the suspect was suffering from anxiety and depression caused by her miserable childhood and she also faced poverty as well as the war in Sudan while she was raising.

All these circumstances have badly affected her mind. After that, she gets hurt by the cheating of her former boyfriend and in her anger and frustration she killed him. Her crime has been captured in the video which is now getting viral on social media and working as the main evidence against her.

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