Is Gene Taylor Married? The Voice Gene Taylor Wife, Dating And Relationship Timeline

Gene Taylor is a synonym for singing sensation. He has been the center of attraction since he appeared on The Voice. The audience of The Voice has been left curious to know the backstory of the singer Gene Taylor who delivered his Blind performance on Season 25 of The Voice. Nevertheless, all the judges on the panel were left excited to have him on their side but Gene Taylor could join only one of them. In the midst of the discussion about Gene Taylor’s Blind performance on The Voice Season 25, the attention has shifted to his personal life. The viewers who enjoyed his performance on the singing competition show, have been left intrigued to learn who are his parents and who is his wife. Is Gene Taylor married? A number of such questions are swirling in the minds. In case, you are also scrambling to the web regarding the same, stick with this page and go through the article till the end. Drag down the page.

Gene Taylor Married

Is Gene Taylor Married?

Gene Taylor’s name came to light after he appeared on the stage of The Voice. Shortly after his sensational Blind performance, rumors swirled that Gene Taylor had already secured a place in the show. However, it was true that all the five judges wanted to have him on the stage. Nevertheless, the audience has become keen to learn who is his wife and who are his parents.

His backstory shown on The Voice has revealed some insights into his personal life, which we have shared with you through this article. Swipe down the page and read more details. He is a multifaceted person who can sing, write songs, and play multiple instrumentals. Gene Taylor hails from Brooklyn, NY. According to the reports, The Voice contestant has been playing the NYC circuit for more than 10 years. Gene went on his first national tour in a musical in 2014 and leaped to become a full-time musician.

Gene Taylor

The Voice Gene Taylor Wife

Initially, he used to perform at weddings and corporate events. Gene did the same for a couple of years until he joined The Family Stone producer and singer to create his debut EP called “Think It Over”. Over the past few years, Taylor demonstrated his singing talent at iconic venues like Carnegie Hall and The Apollo. As of now, Gene is part of the house band at Cafe Wha in the Village. Notably, he also has appeared on VH1’s Singled Out and 5 Eva Girl. Scroll down the page.

Speaking of his family, Gene Taylor is currently 33 years of age. He has been the topic of the town because received a Four-Chair Turn for his Blind performance in Season 25 of The Voice. Reportedly, Gene Taylor was just 6 months old when he was adopted by his adoptive mother after he was abandoned by his birth mother at the hospital. As a single mother, his adoptive parents did not have a lot of resources but still, she made sure Gene Taylor and his sister had musical enrichment in their lives. Apparently, his mother’s hard work and struggle have now paid off with Gene Taylor’s success.

Who Is Gene Taylor

Many are also eager to learn who is Gene Taylor’s wife. However, The Voice sensation has not yet revealed details of his marital status. Thus, it is believed that Gene Taylor might have not tied the knot. He is yet to marry his dream girl. Gene Taylor is not married. He is highly active on social media sites such as Instagram where he shared a photo with a newborn child referring him to as his nephew. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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