Is Aidan Kearney Arrested? Why Was Turtle Boy Arrested?

Amidst the ongoing controversy, Kearney has generated a significant amount of attention in recent months while blogging about the murder case. Prominently, he is been discovered behind the Turtleboy website and social media accounts. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates.

Aidan Kearney Arrested

Is Aidan Kearney Arrested

Reportedly, a recent turn of events reveals that Turtleboy blogger, Aidan Kearney has been charged with witness in connection with Karen Read case. Reportedly, on Wednesday he appeared in front of the court and faced witness intimidation and conspiracy charges which connects to his coverage of the sensational murder case against Karen Read. However, the Judge, Daniel O Malley released Kearney on personal recognition and personal affairs. Reportedly, the District Court ordered him to stay away from the people he is accused of targeting, including the State Police investigator who worked on the case against Read. However, this most recent development in a case has garnered widespread interest. Karen Read, 42 is a Mansfield resident and is accused of second-degree murder in connection with the demise of her lover, Boston Police Officer John O’ Kneef.

Aidan Kearney Arrested

Reportedly, in January, her SUV left him to suffer in the snow outside of a Canton House. However, Kearney is a well-known figure in the Massachusetts new scene. Reportedly, on Thursday, a special prosecutor, Kenneth Mello stated that Kearney had found at least 164 pieces regarding the case. On Wednesday, Kearney was charged with six counts of intimidating witnesses and one count of conspiracy. Kearney has been a supportive person in the Read’s case and has been offering the efforts. Furthermore, Kearney wore a Free Karen Read sweatshirt during the hearing and attended several of the pre-trial hearings in Read’s case. Moreover, he promoted the theory that Read is being framed and led depictions outside the courthouse and filmed his confessions with law enforcement officials and witnesses in the case.

Following the not-guilty plea, he was freed on personal connection and bond with the judge. In addition, he ordered to not be vocal to any of the victims in the case, including, Jennifer and Matthew McCabe, Juliana Nagle, Christopher and Colin Albert, Michael and Elizabeth Proctor, and Christopher Nagle. As far as Aiden Kearney’s wife is concerned, he is married to Jenna and is blessed with 3 children namely Ryan, Max, and Lola. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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