How To Post Video On Threads? Step-By-Step Guide

The recently launched social media platform Threads by Meta has boasted over 15 million users in less than 12 hours after its launch. We are not surprised by people who are facing some difficulties while using the Threads app as this one is new to everyone at this time. But still, we are trying to solve the queries raised by the Threads users. Some people are struggling to change the theme mode of the Threads app from light to dark while some are facing finding it complex to post a video on the Threads app. If you are also wondering how you use the new platform, we are here for you to tell you how you can post a video and change its theme from light to dark. You are just required to stick with this page and go through it till the end. Swipe down the page.

Threads vs Twitter

How To Post Video On Threads?

Certainly, Meta tested the app for many days before launching it but still, there are some features that developers might forget to add to this app because there is no option to change Threads app’s display theme from light to dark. Yes, you read it right, no internal option in this app to change the theme of the app but still we have found a way to use Threads in dark mode. To use this app in night mode you have to change your phone’s setting from dark theme to night theme which will automatically turn everything into the dark mode in your phone. Continue reading this article and learn more details.

Threads is deeply interconnected with the Instagram app. People who want to delete their Threads profile will also have to delete their Instagram account as well. Among the hot burning questions swiveling currently on the internet about Threads app “How to post on Threads?” is one. Threads are unlike Instagram but much more like Twitter. In fact, some people are also calling it an alternative option to Twitter.

To post on Threads, click on the Draft button at the center at the bottom and type what you want but the maximum number of characters that you can write is 500, besides writing you can also add images and videos to the post on Threads. You can easily post a video on Threads by just inserting it from your storage. But keep in mind, once you have posted on Threads, you can not edit it.

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