Hot Dog Eating Contest 2023: Joey Chestnut Eats 62 Hot Dogs for 16th Title

As the public searches for information about Joey Chestnut online, we’ll discuss it here. Joey Chestnut is still wearing the Mustard Belt around his waist. After devouring 62 hot dogs, Chestnut won Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest for the 16th time. Even though he came up much short of his record-breaking total of 76, he still ended far ahead of Geoffrey Esper. To learn more about him, continue to read the article.

Hot Dog Eating Contest 2023

Hot Dog Eating Contest 2023

In an Independence Day event highlighted by a protracted weather delay, Joey Chestnut consumed 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win the men’s division of Nathan’s hot dog eating competition for a record 16th time, and Miki Sudo consumed 39.5 dogs to win the women’s competition for the 9th consecutive time. Due to the bad weather, Chestnut noted later that it had been a roller coaster of a day. Chestnut stated, “They told us it was cancelled.” We weren’t certain if we would eat today. I’m just content. On this Fourth of July, I need to consume several hot dogs and succeed. “I feel great,” he continued. I’ll have some drinks later because I have room left over.

James Webb of Australia finished third with 47 hot dogs, while Geoffrey Esper came in second with 49. Thousands of spectators flocked to Coney Island, New York, on Tuesday for the opulent Independence Day event to witness competitive eaters consume as many hot dogs as their stomachs would allow in within 10 minutes. Around noon, just before the men were scheduled to compete, a significant rain and lightning storm hit Coney Island, scattering the audience to shelter. The tournament resumed at 2 p.m. ET after a brief weather delay of nearly two hours. Coney Island was notably mentioned in a special weather statement from the National Weather Service that warned of “strong thunderstorms” and “frequent cloud-to-ground lightning” in sections of Brooklyn.

According to a preliminary storm report from the National Weather Service, there may have been a lightning-related injury on Coney Island. Just before noon on Coney Island, the FDNY claimed they responded to a report of an “electrocution” and took a patient to Lutheran Medical Centre in Brooklyn. Chestnut, who has already won 16 of the past 17 Fourth of July competitions, including 63 hot dogs last year, was the clear favourite in the men’s division. In 2021, he downed 76 dogs, breaking the previous competition record. Chestnut claimed he was prepared to push himself to an “extreme” limit during the competition in a Monday interview with CNN.

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