Home Affairs Official Was Arrested, Who Appeared On Sizokthola For Allegedly Selling ID

An immigration officer who was featured on Moja Love’s drug-busting program Sizokthola for allegedly cooperating with drug traffickers has been suspended, according to the Department of Home Affairs. The North West-based official made an appearance on the TV program in an episode that aired on 18 June 2023, Sunday. Sizokthola anchor Xolani Khumalo conducts business raids and exposes drug traffickers across the nation with the cooperation of police personnel.

Home Affairs Official Was Arrested

Home Affairs Official Was Arrested

In the episode that aired on Sunday, the immigration officer stated that she was not supposed to have screenshots of official Home Affairs paperwork on her phone. When asked what she was doing, she responded that she was making sure the paperwork for her husband’s acquaintance was prepared. According to Siya Qoza, a spokesman for Home Affairs, the lady is temporarily suspended and additional inquiries are being conducted by department authorities to ensure that she is held accountable for her crimes with the full force of the law. Qoza informed the radio station that there was a component of a criminal offense present since viewers of the broadcast would have known she had been detained for drug use.

Sizokthola For Allegedly Selling ID

After Moja Love’s drug-busting TV program Sizokthola discovered the lady with screenshots of Home Affairs papers and multiple-identity documents on her, a Home Affairs employee from the North West was suspended. According to reports, the lady who was also featured in the show’s most recent episode on Sunday was selling South African IDs for R50,000. Additionally, screenshots of official departmental documents were discovered on the official’s phone. She said that the reason she had the screenshots was to see if the paperwork for her husband’s buddy was complete. She was also discovered to be in possession of many IDs that belonged to her, her daughter, and her spouse, a foreign national.

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home affairs official arrested

The lady was suspended pending the completion of the inquiry into her suspected illegal acts, the Department of Home Affairs’ Siya Qoza announced in a statement to Power FM on Thursday. The woman is presently suspended. To ensure that she is held accountable for every wrongdoing, my colleagues are conducting additional investigations,’ Qoza added.

Two home affairs employees were fired in September of last year after they were found guilty of gross misconduct for processing 111 paperwork for foreign nationals using information from SA residents. One officer was paid R1,000 for each application, while the other handled 13 passport applications for foreign people using South Africans’ data while charging between R2,500 and R5,000 for each application. Two immigration agents working at OR International Airport were detained earlier this year after it was claimed that they were caught selling South African IDs to foreigners for R20,000 each. So, Stay tuned to pkb news.

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