Watch Out: Hank Azaria Addresses ‘The Idol’ Nudity Controversy

Hank Azaria is standing up for HBO’s contentious music industry drama The Idol, which recently made its debut to divisive reviews following a turbulent production process. The Idol showrunner Sam Levinson, the creator of Euphoria who took over directing duties when The Girlfriend Experience’s Amy Seimetz left the project, was praised by the actor who plays a music manager working with and making questionable decisions about Lily-Rose Depp’s troubled pop star in a new interview with The Independent. Check full information regarding Hank Azaria’s Addresses ‘The Idol’ Nudity Controversy.

Hank Azaria Controversy

Hank Azaria Controversy

The A24-produced drama reportedly underwent extensive reshoots as a result of Levinson and co-creator/star Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye’s perception that Seimetz had a “female perspective” that was too dominant. Azaria, 59, claims that the Rolling Stone exposé that resulted from those retakes did not accurately represent his experience working on the series. According to the actor, there was “tremendous respect, collaboration, feedback, and checking in” on the HBO drama’s divisive set.

Hank Azaria Addresses ‘The Idol’ Nudity Controversy

“We can understand how, from a distance, especially if you’re the person in charge of putting out script pages that day or making sure the right actor has the right wardrobe, that you would see it as chaos,” he said, according to The Independent. Though he described situations that were entirely improvised and recalled, for instance, being told to enter a scene he was not initially planned to be in, he regarded Levinson’s method to be “organic,” and he called it.

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That seems chaotic from the outside, Azaria remarked. “It’s thrillingly creative from the inside, especially when there’s a guy watching what you’re doing and really trying to help you bring out the best version of that,” she said. Azaria also denied claims that after the show’s revamp, The Idol’s $ex scenes turned into “r@pe fantasies.”

“We weren’t involved in any of the sexual shenanigans in [The Idol],” he declared. But we can assure you that there was a high level of mutual respect, teamwork, feedback, and Sam’s constant monitoring of everyone’s comfort level. “We understand anyone being intimidated or triggered by what they may be seeing,” he continued. It makes sense that way. All we can say is that much care was taken in making it for everyone. So this is how the case has turned out. We have shared every single piece of information about this case. Soon we will share some more news regarding this case. So, Stay tuned to PKB news for more interesting news like this one.

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