Is Good Samaritan Arrested? Tulsa County Deputies Arrest Man Accused Of Assault

The good samaritan who assisted officers in apprehending a guy suspected of assault is being praised by the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO). As they were traveling from Owasso to Tulsa along Highway 75, they said the witness witnessed a guy assaulting a woman in a car and dialed 911. Body cam footage from Robert Grayson’s arrest by Tulsa County Sheriff’s officers was made public. On the footage, cops can be heard saying, “You’re under arrest for domestic assault and battery.” According to deputies, the caller reported seeing a car swerving and said Grayson was about to strike a woman inside.

Good Samaritan Arrested

Is Good Samaritan Arrested?

According to Casey Roebuck of TCSO, “He’s able to see the male driver of the car is physically assaulting a female passenger, just brutally kicking her, punching her, and the car is just all over the road.” The good Samaritan followed the automobile to Tulsa, according to the deputies, and provided them with a description of what was happening and where they were.

In the course of the 911 call, Roebuck said, “He was relaying the location and what was occurring all the way from out in the county, where he called us, into the city of Tulsa, where the suspect was headed.” At a red light around Riverside and 39th, according to deputies, the victim attempted to exit the vehicle. Then the driver accelerated, causing the victim to be launched from the car. Roebuck said, “At certain times along this trip, the woman is basically hanging out the window attempting to obtain people’s help, trying to escape the car. Grayson was apprehended by deputies at his residence, but he insisted he was the victim.

In the body cam video, Grayson can be heard stating, “Look at my forehead and my face where she hit me.” Deputies claimed they knew the lady was not the attacker since the good samaritan observed what had transpired. The TCSO reported that the helpful stranger did the proper thing and assisted them safely and remotely. “He observed and reported, and that is exactly what we want people to do,” Roebuck added. “Be our eyes and ears, observe, and report to us, but do not put yourself in danger,” the message reads. She went on to say, “She hopes that this serves as a lesson if someone is brave enough to attack a partner in a public area like on a roadway. They must be aware that others are looking on and are prepared to act to assist this individual. So this was all about this case. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.

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