Who Is George Akuffo Dampare? Another senior police officer implicated

This article is going to discuss an alleged scheme to get George Akuffo-Dampare, the Inspector-General of Police, ousted before Ghana’s general election in 2024 has come to light. According to a new revelation by GhanaWeb, there are covert audio and video tapes that show top police officials working with a member of the country’s ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP). Growing evidence raises doubts about the reliability of the Ghana Police Service by giving an unsettling look into these people’s objectives. On 11th July 2023, GhanaWeb released a story revealing a 50-minute audio recording that revealed a covert meeting between high-ranking police officials and an NPP member identified only as Alhaji.

George Akuffo Dampare

Who Is George Akuffo Dampare?

The tape described their strategy for deposing Dr. Dampare as Inspector-General of Police. Even while this disclosure alone sent shockwaves through the nation, additional incriminating evidence has subsequently come to light, revealing the full scope of the alleged scheme. In addition to the audio tape, more video evidence has surfaced, providing further insight into the workings of the alleged conspiracy. In one of the tapes, Superintendent of Police Asare vigorously promotes the group’s mission while conversing with a top NPP member. Asare makes a number of accusations in an effort to undermine the current IGP, implying that Dr. Dampare is prejudiced toward the NPP.

As per the reports, Asare’s insult, because he is naturally born bad, illustrates the level of hostility in the purported scheme. The information concerning a scheme to have the Inspector-General of Police removed raises serious questions about the reliability and objectivity of Ghana’s law enforcement. The police are essential to enforcing the rules of justice, preserving law and order, and safeguarding the public. Therefore, any attempt to overthrow the government or manipulate the system for personal advantage betrays the people and risks the foundation of democracy.

A comprehensive investigation must be carried out to confirm the validity of the evidence and hold individuals responsible for their acts accountable in light of these serious allegations. The Ghana Police Service must act right away to show that it is dedicated to openness and integrity. It is essential to make sure that the institution upholds its responsibility to protect and serve Ghana’s inhabitants impartially while being independent and unaffected by political meddling. The police force must strive for openness, accountability, and the maintenance of their dedication to serving and safeguarding the people of Ghana. For more insightful news, keep reading PKB News.

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