Does Fifi Box Lose Weight? Before and After Photos of Fifi Box

Fifi Box is a popular Australian host, presenter, and actor. Rumors about her weight loss are going on trend. Has she lost weight? You will get complete details about your Fifi Box weight loss and diet routine in this article. Keep reading for more details. 

Fifi Box

Who Is Fifi Box?

Fifi Box has been adored for her talent always. The popular radio stations where you must have heard her voice are 2 MC/ROXFM Port Macquarie, 3TR Traralgon, and 3 GG Warragal. She has also appeared in Thank God You Are Here and Have You Been Paying Attention on Seven Network in 2007. She worked as a weather telecaster in 2009. She worked there for one year. People are curious to know about her weight loss journey. 

Fifi Box

Fifi Box Weight Loss Journey Surgery

Fifi Box has worked on her diet. She used to intake a lot of sugar. She finally worked on herself and left all the unhealthy stuff. She mentions that she had been working on her diet. She has been way more health-conscious than she was. She is a mother to a child. Fifi mentions that she lost 15kg after her pregnancy in April. She also mentions that her weight loss does not make her feel any better. She is 164cm tall. She weighed 75kg after her pregnancy.

Fifi Box

She wants to inspire her daughter. She says that she is grateful to realize that it is time for her to look upon her health. She followed Atkins’s nutritional program. She refers to her diet to everyone who asks her. She said that their diet consists of high protein stuff and low-sugar and carbohydrates food. Fifi was interviewed recently and she mentions that her lifestyle has changed a lot. She prepares her food from scratch by herself. She does not order from outside. Her daughter’s name is Trixie. She used to appear in the media with her newborn daughter. She mentions that she is fit after her birth. She does not fall sick after her birth. 

She can see the changes inside her body and functioning. She says that she feels more energetic with her new diet. She is at her best performance. She wouldn’t have been able to take care of her child and play with her if she had been following the previous diet. She exercises for three to four days a week. She is keeping it regularly even if it is for just 20 minutes. Stay tuned for more details on our website. 

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