FIFA Offside New Rule After Arsene Wenger’s Proposals

In light of FIFA’s upcoming adjustments to the offside rules, we’re going to provide some fresh information here. You can get all the details about the trending news about new changes on this page. It is thought that these guidelines will significantly alter how offside calls are made. Additionally, FIFA will now evaluate Wenger’s suggestions before deciding whether to adopt or reject them in the future. To learn more, read the rest of the article.

FIFA Offside New Rule

FIFA Offside New Rule

FIFA is about to change the offside rule in yet another significant way. The change was suggested by former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who departed the club in 2018 and had held the position of FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development for the preceding four years. This time, he wants to change the body part that is utilized to establish offside under the rule. When the ball is delivered, a player is now deemed to be offside if any part of their body is closer to the opposing goal line than the ball, the second-last opponent, or their own half. A player will typically be offside if the ball or one field opponent is not in front of the goal line because one of those two players is almost always the custodian.

However, FIFA will alter the offside rule. Wenger’s strategy will take into account a player’s overall goal-scoring body. This suggests that if any part of the attacker’s body is behind the last defender, they will remain onside. The news will surely inspire attackers, giving them a considerable edge as they attempt to run down defences. A striker will naturally keep going forward and point their arms in the direction that they intend to run. This is a far better position than a defender, who must watch the ball and follow their run at the same time.

Among the first nations where the new law will be implemented in a trial period are the Netherlands, Sweden, and Italy. On social media, people are already supporting the rule change. Supporters tweeted, “Get Werner and Morata back; we have the title to win.” Other jokes were made about the early runs made by former Chelsea attackers Timo Werner and Alvaro Morata. The contest for the 2023 Ballon d’Or has already taken the form of a conflict between an incumbent superstar and one of his likely successors. Erling Haaland is expected to have a say as Lionel Messi, 35, is still in the running for the individual award and is still a strong contender to earn a record-extending eighth trophy.

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