What did Platinum Prince do? Zim dancehall star arrested in botched diesel heist

A story is evolving on the internet that a famous dancehall artist from Zimbabwe, Platinum Prince is in legal trouble. It is being spread that a Zimbabwean dancehall artist is allegedly involved in a diesel tank hijack. Yes, you heard it right, the famous dancehall artist is said to be in legal trouble for allegedly botching a diesel heist in South Africa. Is it true? There are many people who are not able to control their enthusiasm to know if the famous musician is arrested for allegedly attempting to hijack a diesel tanker. if you are also scrounging the web regarding the same this article will help you in knowing this. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Platinum Prince Arrested

Platinum Prince Arrested in botched diesel heist

The sensational musician Platinum Prince was reportedly caught red-handed trying to hijack a diesel tanker in South Africa and was also beaten ruthlessly to a pulp. His real name is Ian Makiwa but he is affectionately known as Platinum Prince. The news of Platinum Prince’s attempt to hijack a diesel tanker swiftly escalated into a perilous situation when he was held by the people who found him committing the crime. They also beat him ruthlessly despite knowing that he is a famous musician. The artist reported being left with several bruises on his face by the people who caught him red-handed and prevent him from robbing the diesel tanker from there. Scroll down the page and read more details.

It is being said that the authorities have been informed about the diesel tanker hijack attempt by Platinum Prince. But the authorities have not officially confirmed the arrest of the sensational musician. But several pictures of Platinum Prince, showing the aftermath of the diesel tanker’s hijack attempt, are going viral on social media. Many people have posted pictures of Platinum Prince being apprehended by people with several bruises on his face. Scroll down the page.

The Zimbabwean musician was allegedly arrested in South Africa for allegedly robbing a diesel tanker. People across Zimbabwe, recognize him for his music albums. He has given various superhit songs like Madam, Hazviite, Madzibaba, Waivepi, Ndiani, and Mona Wandigarira. Platinum Prince was born in Bindura where he used to go to Bradley Institute to pursue his musical career. He has earned various nominations for awards in recognition of his talent. More details to come out soon. This is a developing story. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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