Facts About Iam Tongi: American Idol Season 21 Winner Unknown Facts

Today, we are going to talk about Iam Tongi. Iam Tongi, a senior in high school who is 18 years old, was unexpectedly named the Season 21 winner of “American Idol” on Sunday night. Megan Danielle, Colin Stough, and Iam Tongi, the final three competitors, each performed two songs during the live finale: one by special guest coach Keith Urban and the other honoring their respective hometowns. The Top 2 competitors were then unveiled, shocking viewers all around the country. Check Iam Tongi’s facts.

Iam Tongi

Facts About Iam Tongi

  1. Iam Tongi‘s audition is the most-viewed audition in “American Idol” history

  2. Iam Tongi wears a scarf to protect his voice

  3. Iam Tongi is originally from Hawaii

  4. Iam Tongi auditioned for ‘American Idol’ twice

Mason-born ‘American Idol’ singer talks about his ‘wild’ journey in entertainment. The country singer Stough was eliminated after receiving the fewest votes from the audience, leaving Tongi and Danielle to compete for first place. The two contestants performed original songs that were made available and recorded through “Idol” for one final chance to win over fans.

Who Is Iam Tongi?

Tongi is of Tongan, Samoan, and Irish ancestry and hails from the Hawaiian village of Kahuku, according to Spectrum News. The vocalist, who is 18 years old, is currently a senior at Decatur High School in Federal Way, Washington, which is a suburb of Seattle. His family moved there three years ago. When the judges questioned Tongi about his decision, he responded that his family had been “priced out of paradise.” Tongi made more than one try to win “American Idol” before his infamous 2023 audition became viral.

American Idol Season 21 Winner Unknown Facts

Tongi had already submitted an application for the well-known singing competition program, which pleased his father Rodney who had always recognized the young singer’s talent. He failed the initial screening though, to which his father responded, “Son. I must speak with you. You must improve your music. Rodney had high hopes for Tongi, but he never let them get in the way of their connection. Iam told the Kent Reporter, “Tongi remarked that His dad wasn’t a wonderful person. “He wasn’t like a saint or anything like that. However, he was the best parent I’ve ever known. He also wants everyone to know how tough he is. He always loved him and always told Iam the truth. He has always adored him as well.

  1. Iam Tongi hails from Hawaii but had to leave the place.
  2. Iam Tongi’s father passed away months before his audition.
  3. Iam Tongi had auditioned for American Idol before.

Tongi revealed to the Kent Reporter that he keeps his voice in good condition by donning a warm scarf over his neck and consuming lots of liquids. He added that the reason he goes through this procedure before each performance is that he becomes voiceless. Tongi is the first Hawaiian Islander, per the sources, to have won “American Idol.” According to the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, he is also the first person from a Pacific Island to win the singing competition show. So this was all about Iam Tongi. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.

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